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My 5 week old son has a rash. I have been leaving him to air dry as much as possible and putting desitin on him (staining my dipes).
I thought I would try using some of my walmart p/f and pins. Just to lay around the house in. I was so scared I was going to stick him and I stuck the sh!t out of myself..ouch. no more of that.
What would be a good system for him to be able to breath (sp?).
Right now we are using all F/b and wonderoos. His skin gets so sweaty in there.
I was looking at maybe getting a starbunz nighttime aio.
Can the skin really get air in fleece and do they not wick?
Can a baby lay around in fitteds and not leave puddles when they pee? Do covers breath?

Any advice and spamming welcome!

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Rashes is one area where I am a TOTAL pro. Ava got a rash when she was 4 days old that persisted NON STOP until she was 12 wks old. We finally went to a dermatologist and went cloth at the same time.

The dermatologist told me she highly recommends Dr. Smith's diaper rash cream. Put such a small amount over the rashy area that you can't even tell there is cream on - she said NEVER cake on the cream because it promotes moisture which will aggravate the rash and make it last longer. After the cream put cornstarch powder....again, such a light dusting that you can barely see it. The goal is to make the bum feel dry to the touch. Caking the powder will just make a paste and you don't want that.

I did this religiously every single diaper change for months until I got brave enough to stop. My diapers didn't stain or anything. FYI, I think the ingrediant to avoid in rash creams in cod liver oil because it stains.

Oh and in case you didn't already know, please make sure your baby has a totally dry bottom before you apply rash creams or put another diaper on.

Good luck!
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