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Need recipes for beans!!!

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So I've been going to see an osteopath for migraines recently, and he was wondering if my mostly-vegan diet could be part of the problem. I doubt it, but I do know that I am not getting enough protein. I'm pregnant (17 weeks) and look for high protein foods, but often don't have time to cook and what not. I'd really like to avoid eating meat.

He told me to be eating more beans. I hardly ever eat them, mostly because I am clueless when it comes to cooking them. Plain beans don't sound too appetizing to me!

So what are your favorite recipes??

Thanks in advance
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Do an ingredient search on

Try lentils- my dp doesn't like bean, but he doesn't mind lentils.
These two recipes, I'm going to try out at some point: Imitation meatloaf and Vegetable and Tofu Stir-fry.
I think you can use any type of bean sprouts for it. I'm doing mung beans. I'm assuming you still get the protien from sprouted beans. And I'm sure you could do without the tofu if you so desired.
Do a search here, too -- there've been loads of yummy bean recipes/ideas posted. Beans are one of my favorite foods -- cheap, versatile as all get out, and delish. We eat them at least twice a week. We do all kinds of things: beans and rice, bean-and-rice burritos, bean soup, curries with chickpeas or lentils, chili with beans, bean enchiladas, bean dip...

Once you start experimenting with them, I think you'll enjoy them too.
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