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Need recommendation for bike seat...

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I'm new to this forum since my little one just turned 1 a couple weeks ago. Anyway I'm thinking of getting a seat to put on the back of my bike for her to ride in but I need a recommendation for one that's easy to install, comfy, and most of all SAFE. I have a Burley trailer but I want a seat for short trips to the playground and to friend's houses.

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We opted for a front carrier for my son. I absolutely love it. It is nice to be able to watch him as we ride. to point out things, and have a conversation with him. I felt a little uncomfortable with the back carriers because you could not see his reaction, if he was getting tired or going to kick his shoes off. the front carrier has enclosed foot area so he can't dangle his feet down.

My dad loved it so much that he got one for his bike too so Grandpa can take him out riding too. this is a big deal, because he told me I was crazy when I bought it, "supervised" me when we were installing it... really lecturing me on why I should not be riding with an 18 month old. and had to watch over me to make sure I was being careful enough with his precious grandson. Now they go riding more than we do. Dad wouldn't even give back DS helmet, I had to go and buy another one.

here it is .... okay, that didn't work.

go to and search for "Front Child Carrier"
I second the front carrier. You can interact with your child more and the center of balance is better. I found one pretty cheap on ebay.
I also have a front carrier which I like. I bought it from Wal-mart. I had been looking at it for a while on various websites but jumped when I found it so cheap there.
I got a Kettler "Dumbo" seat for my little one because it goes up to 40 pounds and easily comes off and on with quick-release so I don't have a baby seat on there when I am riding alone. Also my bike frame won't work with the front seats and I was concerned that my knees would knock against it or it would get in the way. I have been very happy with the Kettler. The way it is mounted, they show you where to line up the arrows with the back axle to help with the center of gravity. Most standard back-mounted seats don't do that.
We have a Rhode Gear Copilot bike seat we got off craigslist, love it, but haven't gotten to use it as much as we would like. It seems very sturdy and secure.
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