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Need recommendations for good books on WAHMs

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I need some recommendations for books that other WAHMs have found useful in beginning and running a WAHM business. Thanks!
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I've read a lot of business and marketing and sales books. A good one, in my opinion, for WAHMS is Start Small, Finish Big... by the founder of Subway. The first half of the book describes how he founded and expanded Subway. Started with just $500. The second half of hte book describes a bunch of other people's stories of how they started with nearly nothing and made it big. Very interesting read.
I know this thread is old but . . . I found the book _Mompreneurs_ very helpful. I was overwhelmed with the idea of becoming a wahm, but this book gave me some great ideas for starting and running a biz, including straightforward help on the financial and legal aspects.
I am reading a book by a WAHM about becoming a WAHM. She is a great writer and explains well.
Her site isn't up and running yet, but you can email her for a FREE copy:

[email protected]

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