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Need recs on baby food book please...

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Dd is almost 5 months and we are planning on waiting on solids until she is at least 6 months, but I am looking to start reading up. I'm getting excited about the whole prospect!

I've heard "Super Baby Foods" is a good book, anyone have any experience with it? Any other good books? I am hoping to make her food and I need a book to help remind me what foods are safe for what ages, cooking and storage techniques, etc. Preferably one for sugar-free, organic eatin' babes.


~ Sarah
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Simply Natural Baby Food by Cathe Olson (a MDC mom) - very good basic book with lots or recipes for different ages, I recommend not toasting the grains tho as she recommends - too much work and destroys more nutrients and gives them a nutty taste. Just stick them in a coffee grinder and then cook them for like 5 min w a bit of water like instant ones.
Baby Greens A live-food approach for children of all ages by Michaela Lynn and Michael Chrisemer NC - mostly raw food stuff, but lots of good nutrition info. i really liked it
Raising Vegetarian Children by Joanne Stepaniak an Vesanto Melina - again a lot on nutrition

I also really liked the chapter on infant feeding from Peggy O'Mara's Natural Family Living. I found out that babies don't actually need any solids before their first year. She recommends solids be like "condiments" rather than meals. DD is 9 months old and that's what we have done for the most part - as soon as I found out it was ok which is interesting because it just confirmed my instincts. So anyway, she mostly BF and has tastes of lots of things - a few bites here and a few there, but not even solids on a daily basis. When you consider that breast milk is made for the baby and changes for what they need each day then anything else is nutritionally inferior, empty calories so to speak. So as another book said "solids in the first year should be just for fun".
IMO Have fun!
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The pp gave great rec. for books !

I LOVE the organic & baby toddler cookbook by Lizzie Vann..The Pict's of the food are mouth watering! I'm sure you can find a used copy here on the Trading post... I too have SuperBaby food book, it's great soo much info!!
My DD hated solids until a couple weeks ago! (she's 11 mo)

Good Luck!
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