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Need sling reco for a friend...

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My friend wants to get a sling so I need some recommendations on which would be the best for her.

She is very petite -- barely 5 feet tall and around 110 lbs., maybe less. She just had her baby boy 5 weeks early so he is very small (doesnt even fit in the front carrier she has).

She wants a sling that will be easy to use, easy to nurse in and that doesnt have a lot of padding or extra fabric (since she is so small).

The sling I have and love was a gift and I have never even seen this brand anywhere. But even it would probably be too big for her -- I am almost 5'10" so what works for me probably wont for her.

TIA for any ideas and links to one that will work!
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I've never found it easy to nurse in a sling, so she may not either (some people are good at this, though).

Since she's so small, I would go with a pouch sling. Easy to use (almost no learning curve), and you don't feel like you're drowning in extra fabric. People love the stretch Hotslings -- this is a nonadjustable pouch. For an adjustable pouch, check out the cotton pouch at
If you decide on a sling, get one that has different sizes (not a one-size fits all). The excess fabric can just be tucked into the sling, so it is out of her way. I would also recommend an open tail and a non-padded sling. If you get a sewn tail, and it is too big, then she won't feel totally hands-free when wearing it. The padded slings, I have heard, a lot of petite people don't like them because of the bulk. A pouch will be great as well, and is very easy to use! It is harder for me to nurse in one, but others say that it is very easy to do
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I would suggest a MamaBaby. It's a stretchy unpadded ring sling. Great for small babies, totally adjustable, easy to nurse in.
I found instructions for a tube style non padded sling -- think one made out of hemp jersey made to her measurments would work? It would be pretty stretchy if I did it right.
Stretchy pouches are tricky since you can't tighten the sling to compensate for the stretch over time.
If you're going to do a stretch pouch, you should make it adjustable with snaps... otherwise she will end up having to wash it to get it back to its shape. A cotton/lycra blend would stretch much less than hemp.
Yeah, I definitely do not recommend any stretch knit (except polar fleece) for a tube/pouch sling. However, stretch wovens (poplin/twill) work great. In my early sling makin' days I tried using hemp fleece and there was no way to sew it to get it to stop stretching with the baby in it. You definitely would have to make it adjustable for it to work.
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