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Ok i am putting this out there looking for help b/c i cant take it somedays. I hope that noone will look badly upon me but i guess that is your opinion.

Lately dd has been such a handful, i hate to say that her behavior is "the age" although i guess its possible.
But what do you do when she hits and hits and hits when she doesnt get what she wants, but doesnt listen when you tell her not to hit and explain why?
Or what do you do when its the 300th time that you have told her not to throw things, or dump out her drink on the table/floor/bed?
Or when she wont eat anything for a meal and askes for sugary snacks?
or when she just wont listen to anything that you say, you might as well just talk to a wall b/c you may get a better response?

Now i have yelled at her more times than i should but i have never hit her and it really aggervates me when she hits me or anyone else. How do you go about gentle discipline when you are trying to be sensitive to her needs and wants b/c she is highly sensitive and spirited? I want her to be able to express herself and be creative. the other problem that we have is that i live under someones elses roof with there rules. Like this morning dd was throwing the oranges and apples around the kitchen, i was ok with this b/c i figure she isnt hurting anyone and she will learn not to do it when there is no fruit left. But my mom yelled at her about it and made her put them away. or tongiht, after a day from hell, dd falls asleep late in the car so she is easily upset. She throws a fit about her drink i tell her to go get it, she then hits her head, my mom yells "just come get it!", she goes to get it falls apart b/c she cant reach it and then accidentally spills it, and falls apart about that. My mom unemotionally carries her to me and hands her off w/out trying to comfort her.

I dont like time out, she thinks its funny anyway, i just dont know how to handle her without also feeling completly out of control of everything. Sometimes i think she needs to learn to consiquences of her actions on her own, but my mom freaks and says that she is spoiled. btu then sometimes i feel like we should have some kind of rules but lately they have all gone out the window. I feel like there is some kind of hormone inbalance going on with me lately, i freak about the smallest, dumbest thing. i feel like things will get better after we move out in January and i can do things without all this interferance. I just need to get through the next few weeks.

Sorry to be so rambly any advice would be great. thanks
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