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hi - i hear ya! my dd is 18 mos old [younger than yours, i think] but man-oh-man is it tough to cope sometimes! when my dd hits somebody or something and we try to tell her that it's 'not OK' she laughs and does it again. i'm guessing that because she is getting our complete undivided attention in that moment combined with some of her exerting her independence - she is not exactly inclined to behave!

i have heard that the book The Spirited Child is a great resource. I have not read it myself, though. Having been down this road once with my now 4 yr old son, I can tell you to take heart - it does not last forever, it just feels like it! As soon as she begins to truly verbalize and be able to get out her frustrations in words rather than actions, I think you'll both feel a lot better.

In the meantime - you're doing great! Hang in there! It does get better...

good luck
- jennifer
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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