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need some advice please

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Hi there, I am new to this. I am 36years old with one child age 12. For the last number of years I have had many health issues, that I now know are all related to a prolapsed uterus.

I cant believe that after all this time the prolapse has been the cause. I have had no support or help from the NHS. I told my doctor most recently that I can not use Tampons any more that they fall out. I was told I am not putting them in properly!

After paying to see a private consultant, he agreed with me that I do have a prolapse of the uterus. He said there was no point in sorting out until I have finished having children.

So I am left to help myself. There must be another way besides surgery. I have never been shown how to do the Kegal exercises. I have tried but I find them very hard. I have booked in to see a Naturopath,and physiotherapist. Can any one give me any advice on what exercises might help, I was wondering if Yoga or Belly dance might help.

At moment scared to do any exercise. The uterus is starting to move out of the vagina enterance. Feel very scared. Please help someone
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Wow...I am sorry you're having this issue!!! REALLY! I am no expert, but I teach my doula clients to do Kegals by stopping the flow of urine while on the toilet...this helps you recognize the muscles you need to use. You can practice this for a while and soon you'll be able to squeeze them at will. You can also squeeze while having intimacy. Once you have the muscles identified you practice often...holding tight and slowly releasing....slowly tightening back up...many times a day. You can also hold tight for a count of 10 and work up to a count of 30. I do not know if Kegals helps this kind of thing, but it can't hurt. Again...I am sorry I cannot be more help...and I wish you the best in your search. Sometimes self doctoring works best any way! I have been to a Naturalpath many times and they usually do have great/helpful don't give up!

Thanks for the advice, will continue to have hope. Looking forward to getting started with physio. And the naturopath's advice. I have always wanted to have another baby. After what I have been through in the past couple of weeks, has now made me think twice. I hope I can turn this feeling around.
As well as having a prolapsed uterus, I have a condition called lichen sclerosis,which causes scaring of the vulva. I really want to have another baby but as a a I am aproaching 40 I have only a few years left to decide.
I am so scared of the birth and what more damage it will do to my body.
Never been so confused as I am.
Will do my best to help myself, I have no faith at all in the U.K National Health System. Why dont doctors listen? I feel that I know my body, and when things are not well. They always think they know better. It took 2 years of me going back and for to the doctors, finally they sent me for the biopsy which confirmed what I knew all along that I Lichen Sclerosis.
They are not interested in the prolapse not untill it comes out of my body.
i will help myself as much as I can. Thank again for your advice
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