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Need some advice (TMI)

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I discovered last night that I have external hemmroids :p Gross I know but this little baby is putting so much pressure on me that I guess I'm not surprised. I've never had them before and looked on some website which just scared me because they said surgery might me needed. What I was wondering was if anyone knows of some home remedies or what I can do to make them go away. i don't want to call the dr because I don't want to go in. I'm a little embarrassed, but I'm sure you mamas understand. Thanks
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Awww, sorry you're feeling embarrassed. They're totally common. I had one and it went away after the baby was born. Some women don't get them until they're pushing. A friend of mine had the surgery after her 3rd baby and it wasn't that big a deal. She had more concern about the anesthesia and breastfeeding than the surgery itself.

I don't know any natural remedies but I'm interested because, uh, someone else in my household has this issue and it's not dd nor is it me...
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witch hazel is good at least for cooling and making them feel better. I have had them with 3 pgs and they have never gotten bad enough for surgery. You may want to take some pads (like for your period) soak them in witch hazel and freeze them for use after you have the baby-because you will notice them more after all of that pushing. they will help by being cold and having the witch hazel which I think is supposed to help reduce the inflamation.
I was going to mention the witch hazel too. My docs told me to use tucks pads, which have witch hazel on the pads.

Do you have an apothecary near you that you could call. Most of the stuff that the one near me carries is homeopathic, but maybe they have some alternatives for you?

Sorry I couldn't have been of more help!
I know this sounds gross, but when I had bad ones after the birth of ds, my dr told me to try pushing them back in. They are much more comfortable (and less likely to get worse) if they're safe inside. I did this in the shower. Once you get past the ick factor, it's really not all that bad. I also used prep H (the cream base, not the pertroleum jelly base, which is very slippery and uncomfortable.) And if they get really bad, there's a prescription steroid cream that works well. Try not to think about surgery. Odds are you won't have to do that.
I wasn't thinking of surgery, but all the articles were saying if they get bad you HAVE to have surgery and I got a little scared. I called my dr during lunch and they also suggested tucks pads. I'll do what you suggested colleen95 i rather deal with the few seconds of gross than days of pain lol.
I started getting them early on so I read up and one book suggested putting your feet up when you're trying to go and it really helps.

Hope you get some comfort from all the other suggestions!
Jumping in from another ddc....I had them bad after pushing ds out, like 5 of them...ouch. What worked for me was to wrap an ice cube with a tucks pad and keep that on for about 10-15 minutes (I would lay down on my side). It's really cold but it works. It took about a week of doing this about 2-3 times a day. Oh and after doing that I would slather a good amount of preparation-h on. Dont be happens to all of us.
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Thanks all for the suggestions and making me not feel so embarrassed
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