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(I copied and pasted this from my post in the health and healing forum. I thought I might get faster replies here)

I'm totally going to ignore this dentist, but I feel the need to educate him. Does anyone have any articles I can give him when I take my 5 year old to have a cavity filled tomorrow AM? At my son's exam, I asked when I needed to make the baby's first appt (since every dentist seems to have a different age they want to first see a kid). He said as soon as all of the baby teeth are in (I assume he meant 2nd year molars), but then went on to say that I should just make sure to brush every time he eats or has a bottle (every time???). I replied that he never has a bottle, and he said well, breastmilk is just as bad as formula because they both contain lactose. I was shocked and didn't gather myself together fast enough to say that formula also contains sucrose, which is much more likely to cause cavities since most bacteria can't digest lactose! (Btw, this is the same dentist who had his assistant slip some extra papers into ds's goodie bag 2 years ago. I thought it was strange how they seemed to trying to be sneaky, and later found that they were pamphlets explaining the benefits of breastfeeding from a dentist's point of view, which I thought was awesome. I guess when they saw my big ole belly, they decided to sneak them in? So I guess he's pro-bf... to a point. )

Anyway, I'd really appreciate any articles anyone can't point me toward. Also, if you have the name of one that isn't on the web, I may be able to get to it thru my dh's work account. He has access to most journals I've ever tried to look for--PubMed, etc. Thanks!

Oh, I think I'm also going to mention to this dentist that I nursed my 5 year old all night long without brushing until he was almost 2 years old and look! No sign of baby bottle mouth! The cavity he has is a molar he didn't even have yet when I weaned him! I plan on letting this baby self-wean, so I'd like our dentist to not make stupid comments to me!
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