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We have a new boston terrier, almost 9 weeks old (girl). She is quite good about going into her crate, quiets down quickly. Today is our first full day with her, got her yesterday afternoon. She only woke up once in the night for a pee.

We have been doing the crate-sleep-she wakes up, right outside to pee, has some playtime for awhile (about an hour) then back in the crate. She sleeps 1 1/2 to two hours or so.

Our problem has been with and hers. She has had 3 accidents today, 1 pee and three poops. The poops were because she hasn't been outside long enough...our bad.
I had her out for 5 min, but then she pooped within 5 min of being intside. 2 of these poops were not related to immediately after a meal, but after a nap....aaagh!

My problem has been when to feed her too in relation to us. She is on 3x a day. Do I take her out to pee, feed her, then out to poop? SO, then do I feed her before us....We have had some scheduling frustrations......brought her inside as I just couldn't spend 20 min out there with her...I have been trying to prep a meal for us as well just when she woke up, and had her gated off in my kitchen after I brought her in, then I turn around and she has pooped on my floor. OR, do I do the pee break, then a meal, then back in the crate until we have eaten or done whatever and have some time to watch her, or will she then poop in her crate or be able to hold it that long...or be whining because she really does have to go? Aagh! Don't they poop about 20 min after a meal or something? We had her in the bedroom last night and she went 5 hours before needing to go out.

Any one have any advice for fitting it in in these "tight" situations, like you are going to eat yourself and the dog has just woken up, or you are off to an appointment or something? We need some help with fine tuning obviously!

Just this last while....woke up, out to pee, I started supper, she pooped on the floor. We put her in kennel, tried to eat, gave her supper, now dh is trying to finish his cold meal after being out another 20 min with her. I think she is going to sleep now or something so we will have to be ready to get her out.

Any suggestions?
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