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Need Some Diaper Fairy Help!

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I want to Fairy a friend but don't know how, she is from a different board. How will she know it is from a Diaper Fairy? Do you have the WAHM add a little note or just put Diaper Fairy with address in the return address? I don't even know if she knows what a Diaper Fairy is but it feels so good to be a Fairy.
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WAHMs are always so sweet, and will usually put a little note in for you from the diaper fairy. Even if your friend doesn't know what a "diaper fairy" is, she will figure it out!
How sweet of you!
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I just bought my first fairy gift today
I'm so excited! I didn't ask for a note to be enclosed, but I did ask for nothing to be enclosed that would suggust who it was from.
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I would just have the WAHM put a little note in saying its from a diaper fairy and that it is just a gift from someone who cares about her.

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Oh and do you assume all the WAHMs know what the diaper fairy is or do you explain it to the WAHM when you order? I know I will order from Natural Babies.
Colleen is super nice -- just tell her that you would like her to put from Diaper Fairy and not give any of your contact info and I am sure she will be happy to do it.
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I faireid someone the other day
and the wahm put a note in the box that said "from the diaper fairy".
She was SO pleased w/ what we were doing here on she donated all the money to Levi!!
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