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Need some guidance & help for my 4.75 year old! (x-post)

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Hi! I have an almost 5 year old. He's been dx w/ Crohn's disease & Celiac disease. We have his diet under complete control. He's being seen by one of the best Pediatric GIs in the Country. He's on some meds for his Crohn's (6-MP). He IS still getting tummy aches but there is nothing in the lab work or in the recent scopes to suggest it's from the Crohn's. He does have reflux, so I'm thinking it *might* be upper gastric pain from that. He's on prevacid but I have a hard time getting it into him daily. See... he's a SUPER SUPER SUPER picky eater. I took him to the Chiropractor to see if we could get some additional support there. She did the "applied kinesiology" on him & said he was sensitive to eggs, dairy, corn, soy, peanuts, in addition to the wheat and oat, that we figured- possibly even more! She said his colon (obviously), adrenal functioning & immune system were positive for not working properly. I'm having a REEEEAAAAALY hard time feeding him. He only eats yogurt, cheese, chicken, fresh fruits, mashed potatoes, rice w/ ground beef (some cabbage mixed in w/ tomatoes), home made mac n cheese. That's about it. Now take away the dairy & soy & he's left w/ chicken, some fruit, mashed potatoes and the beef dish (which he doesn't eat all the time). Oh--- and what butter is dairy and soy and gluten free?! The ONLY way I get meds into him is through yogurt. He will not eat the coconut milk yogurt. What's left? Without soy in addition to the dairy, I'm feeling horribly stressed out. I obviously want him to thrive! But, I also want him to eat! I'm not even sure what I'm asking from you all ... I'm just really confused on how to help him right now. I want to know *how* to feed him, when he eats nothing as it is. I don't want him to starve, which he possibly would not eat ... he's done it lots before... will eat a banana a day.
Poor guy.
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