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honestly don't know where this post should go, but since there is an element of "work" in it, I'll start here. Mods, if this should go in another area, feel free to remove it.

I really, really need some help and, since this is such a great site, thought I would ask for it here.

I have been married for six years. When DH and I got together nearly ten years ago, I was crazy about him. And when we married, I was over the moon. Eighteen months later, we had our first child. In three years' time, we has two children. I stayed at home with them up until this past year.

Well, I have having a hard time wanting to stay married to DH. Honestly, the only reasons I don't leave him are a)I cannot afford to be on my own right now and b)I'm afraid he'll take my children from me. I don't love him anymore. I feel like I have done a lot of growing and a lot of changing over the years while he..well...hasn't. I am frustrated with him on many levels, levels that don't seem to change.

To add salt to the wound(and this is where the work element comes in), I have met a man at work who is....incredible. Kind, compassionate, friendly, and just an all around good guy. For the first time in my marriage, I am out in the real world instead of hanging out at playgroup or nursing or doing mommy duty at the playground.I am finding success as a working mom and loving it. And part of the reason I love it is because I walk into work and see this person for whom I am developing some strong feelings.

Part of me feels a profound joy and yet I am ashamed. I need some help. Some advice.Some words of wisdom from someone who has been there. I wish that there was some magic pill called "Help Me Fall In Love With My DH Again"
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