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Lori, your baby was born almost 4 mos early?!! I feel for you. You must be kind of scared for her.

Why is your baby not getting your milk yet? Is she having nothing by mouth?

Once she is having food by mouth, your milk, esp your colostrum from the first days, should be the first thing to pass her lips. It will protect her from necrotizing enterocolitis, a very dangerous gut reaction. Milk made for a premie by your body is exactly what she needs right now. Premie milk has a different concentration of ingredients than full term milk.

As far as your appetitie being bad, could this be from grief? have you even held her yet? Are you staying nearby her much? Try to spend as much time as possible near her. Eat as much as you can and drink lots and lots and lots of water. Try oatmeal for breakfast and Mother's Milk Tea.

Do you have people helping you? Moral support IRL? Are you in touch with an IBCLC and LLL? Stay well, and good luck!
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