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Need some help! Which ones do I use?

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I need help with the choice of what Bottles to use. I know I said the bad B word. But I am going to be breastfeeding and pumping so I need to know what bottels to use for when i pump. I never breastfed any of my other two children( bad mom I know) But I am going to with this one. I am all for it and have gotten over my strang fears I had before about it. So can someone please let me knwo wht type of bottles to use. I know that it should be something as close to the breast as possible if there is that sort of thing. HELP
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I've always heard that Avent bottles are supposed to be closest to the breast, but neither of my babies would have anything to do with them. I like the Dr. Brown's bottles. Good luck.
I use the new Platex silicone nipples with disposable liners. There is also a breast bottle in the One Step Ahead catalog I've seen a post on another board.
Connor couldn't get the hang of the Avent bottle so we switched to Dr. Brown's (he has Reflux, so they helped that a lot too) and he really took to those. We used the wide mouth ones though, they seemed to fit his mouth better.
I think the Avent are supposed to be 'like' the breast in that the base is wide, so babies lips are pursed outwards to latch onto it.

I was supplementing at the start and dd took these bottles fine but wouldn't latch onto my breast well. The bottle also caused her not to open her mouth wide enough which caused me a lot of pain. When she finally worked out how to latch onto my breast well, she wouldn't take the bottle anymore. My dd had very strong preferences. Other babies I've heard go between bottle and breast fine. Depends on the baby.

No bottle is really like the breast. I think the most important thing though is to have a bottle with a slow flow (ie the Newborn, size 1 teat on the Avent).
I fed DS expressed milk using the Avent nipples and bottles. It took a bit of work to get him to take it, and he would only drink from it if I wasn't in the house
and someone besides me was giving it to him.

We didn't really use it that often (maybe once a month, once every two months?) but he would have NOTHING to do with it before I got a*** FASTER FLOW nipple***!! This was the KEY! I have quite a strong 'let-down' and the newborn nipple would just make him scream in frustration! Once I switched to the #2 and #3 (#3 worked best), he was good to go! He had to be burped more frequently when bottle feeding tho...

I think the most important thing to remember is that EVERY babe is different and you'll have to work out what works best for your's. I tried 8 different nipples until I found the one that DS liked. Good luck to you Mama!

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thank you all so much for your replies. I know that I need to find the one that our baby will adjust to. But i was just wanting to know which ones had the most success. I think the advent is popular with breastfed babies. I will be pumping and nursing. The bottles will be for when we go out in public or whatever or sitter or just cause dad wants to feed the baby to. This was his favorite time was feeding the babies and i dont want him to feel left out. But thanks and if you have other advice for me Please let me have it i need all i can get.
I used the Dr. Brown's when I had to give DD EBM and they were the best for us. We tired the Avent but DD got too much air with them. I loved the Dr. Browns'. I recommend those!
I used avent with my first DD the times I did give her a bottle and she took them very well. This time the baby did not like the avent so we picked the gerber new traditons. we don't use them very often as I am a lazy pumper but she switches very easily between the breast and bottle when I do. We use it with the classic nimple.
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