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Ok, my 5 yr old rarely sleeps through the night still. Now Kat is doing this to me. It's not at night that I have problems though, it is during the day.

You can see it in her face that she is tired. She's got cues that she is getting tired, like she'll stop smiling at me when I'm talking to her, more just zoning, then she'll start rubbing at her eyes and flailing arms and legs more. Well, when she gets to the zoning part and a little fussy, I'll start nursing her. Well, when she is nursing she is playing this little game where she kind of perks up a little bit, nurses for a few seconds then turns and looks at everything, then turns back rooting to nurse some more, and this just goes on and on. Until she gets to the point that she is so tired she is screaming and crying, and nothing will make it better.

I've tried swaddling her, she won't take a binky, and I don't want to CIO. I've even tried giving her a bottle and that doesn't work either, she doesn't want it. It finally ends up that while she is swaddled tight, I just have to hold her and rock her back and forth while she is screaming until she goes to sleep. This happens a couple of times a day.

This morning she got up at 5 to nurse, she woke up and decided to tell daddy it was time to play. So, I nursed her again and she slept til 9. Then come about 12, she starts to get tired and I start the nursing, she was fussy and cranky for about 2 1/2 hrs before she finally wore herself out. Now, this will happen again at around 6. And she will probably nod off at about 9 or so. I've tried to start the routine earlier, but she wants nothing to do with it. She'll nurse, but she is bright eyed, smiling at me, cooing, etc, and when she is done nursing, she's done, not sleeping.

I can handle this, but I feel so bad that she has to cry so long to get to sleep. I've also tried gas drops, tylenol, and gripe water, and the gripe water worked for a bit, and now it doesn't do anything. She wouldn't stop crying, it just seemed she wouldn't cry as long.

Also, if she gets woke up before she gets a good long nap in, she won't go back to sleep and lordy lordy, it's like 2 different children, happy baby, ANGRY baby. *L* Personality changes every few minutes. I don't know what to do?

Is this colic?? Jordan didn't have it ever, so I don't know. I just want to make her feel better!

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Sorry you didn't get any answers. Maybe ask your q in the nighttime parenting forum?

How old is your baby? Different techniques work for different kids. Nursing to sleep does not work so easily for an older baby than a little one.

Does she get lots of exercise, esp in the fresh air? Long walks in stroller or sling? How about a midday bath?

I used to do this. Nurse until they got too fussy. Then put them in the sling and put on loud rythmic music and dance (Beatles, b/c I like them). This would only take 5 mins and baby would be out. In my son's case, I could not put him down for naps. I had to hold him. But most babies will let you put them down.

I let them sleep on my bed, so if they woke up before they had a full nap, I could go in and nurse for a couple mins and they would go back to sleep for another hour or so.
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