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need some links for friend's dr!

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One of my online friends left her baby intact, and the dr started already started messing around with his foreskin at his 1 week appt yesterday!!! He was moving it around, as if he was trying to retract it. She didn't say anything to him bc she wasn't sure what he was doing and if it was normal...but now she is afraid as to what he might try next appt. Do any of you have any good links (something printable), like dos and don'ts/or even just info on intact care, to give her dr if she has to stop him from messing with it again. Thanks!
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I would suggest to your friend to have a discussion with the doctor and or the whole practice about proper care of an intact boy - without her son in the midst of an examination. The links Jen provided should make a good start.

Perhaps you can inform her so that she does not feel intimidated to speak up earlier. Many mothers have found out that forced retraction can happen in the blink of an eye. Better safe than sorry.
See less See more Intact Care Agreement should be printed out and kept in the childs chart after going over it with the dr.

AAP Intact Care Guide This should also be printed out and taken to the dr and kept in the childs file.

I recommend printing out many copies to keep with u at all times.
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