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some future cancers. I need to prove a point to a umm certain person in my home.
Some background-I spent most of my time with father and his brother who both smoked like CHIMNEYS. In fact when my father was told he had cancer (two forms from the cigarette smoke!!!) He went from two CARTONS (not pkgs) a week to close to FOUR. He figured he was dying anyway so wt hey...
SO when younger wanting to be cool like those that were raising me..I started. I smoked from 11-right at 14. a pkg then contained 20 cigarettes. It took me between 6-8 weeks to finish a PKG. Never bought a carton and obviously not a heavy smoker.
When I turned 14 I met someone I wanted to date who said if I wanted to go out with them I would have to get rid of "those" first. I did all kinds of things to do just that. I REALLY wanted to go out with him...
(I am on the close to 40 hill now)
I know though that when older like my neighbor and father I have a risk of lung cancer from both smoking and secondhand smoke of dad and uncle.
Does anyone have stats on the amount and likelihood of developing lung cancer, throat and possibly lymphoma from that smoking rate?

I want to smack someone silly who should know better with stats...
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