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I have a root canal scheduled tomorrow. I've had them before. I know what to expect. My problem is I have such anxiety about this and I'm trying to figure out how to keep myself calm. I didn't post this in dental (mods) because it's more about my anxiety disorder

It boils down to my fear of throwing up and being out of control. I HATE the idea of being tipped back in the chair and holding my mouth open while all kinds of stuff gets put in and out of it. The SHOTS are what really get me. I wind up just getting the heebie jeebies (not from the pain) but from the feeling of the stupid novocaine.

I'm planning on taking my dh's Ipod with my favorite sitcom on it. Plus they supposedly have TV's there so I am hoping to watch some TV. (TV is the one thing that ALWAYS relaxes me...distracts me).

I was offered a sedative but I already take two anti-depressants plus I'm driving so I can't really (and honestly don't want to) take anything else.

My goal is to go in feeling calm. I want to STOP this feeling of utter anxiety. I HATE that this entire week has been consumed with "Thurs. is my root canal" stress

What can I do while I"m in the chair to lower my anxiety? Anyone have any tips?
I seriously wish I could bring my laptop and talk to someone here while I'm doing it...LOL

But at the same time, I want to do this and be a "big girl" about it. I'm a 36 year old woman who has given birth to three children, had gallbladder surgery (talk about trauma/anxiety), and a molar extraction with two root canals at the same time! I've gotten through a lot of "stuff" in my life without the aids of tons of meds. (After my GB surgery, I refused the demeral they wanted to give me because I was afraid it was going to make me sick. I took the pain over the possible side effect of puking). Yes, I'm a

Any ideas? Anyone BTDT? Thanks
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