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Need some tips/input for cloth diapering while WOH *with* baby

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I'm trying to convince my sister (who is pregnant w/her first) to cloth diaper. She wants to but, besides not wanting to deal with washing dirty diapers, she is going to be working out of the home full time with her baby. I was wondering if any of you have WOH w/your baby and if you have any tips on how to do cloth diapering most easily in this situation. I really don't know. I told her she could put the dirty diapers in a plastic bag to take home but I'm sure there are going to be tons of diapers by the end of the day and then none of them would get soaked. So, basically I'm not so helpful.
She has some desire to do this so I'd like to give her some really useful tips and information on how to do it with ease. TIA
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Well my sister is working full time at home with her 1 month old and I sent her home with a days worth of cloth(2 dozen prefolds) and told her to fill her washer with cold water and throw them in when she changed the baby and at the end of the day turn it on let it drain and then wash.

I just wanted my sister to CD for a day though, to see if the sposies were cause the rash. never heard back from her though, LOL, hmmmmmm

Except my sister will be working out of the home all day. She does in home caregiving. She can't really be using their appliances though, KWIM? Do you think it would be good enough if she just rinsed out each diaper and put it in a plastic bag until she got home, then did a load each night?
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ok I am stupid, or sleepy, LOL, I read that she would be home, not in peoples homes, LOL

Hmmm she takes the baby with her?
:LOL Yep, she will have the baby with her the whole time. (I've already hooked her up w/the sling info
). I understand it's a bit confusing.
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I bought two diaper pails. They are plastic with lids that have a clip lock. I bring one diaper pail with me when we do overnight trips and it works great. I load the clean dipes in the clean pail to take them with me and use the pail while I'm there. I put a liner in the pail and when we are ready to go I close the liner and put the clean dipes on top of the sealed pail liner, so they don't get soiled, lock the lid and bring it home. I don't have any stink issues at all and everything is compact in the pail when transporting them. She could put them wherever she plans to change her babe and then take them home at night. I have two pails because one pail is always a dirty pail in the laundry room. It really is no more difficult then taking disposables.
yeah it is, i mean I worked with my DS and still do, but I work in a daycare, so that is an easy one, LOL

Maybe she could keep some sort of zippered bag in the car?
Well, I think a lot depends on where she's working. At least if I read your post right, the baby is going to work with her??

I take C to the office pretty often. I have sort of a split way of doing it. I take a daily diaper bag, but I also have space to leave some there. So I have a stash of PFs I leave in the office (don't take up much space) w/ a snappi and extra covers. I bought a nylon-kind-of book bag at target (it folds up real small and was being sold as a good-for-travel b/c of how small it folds up) for around $8 or $9. I put dirty diapers in there. It can be washed, when necessary. I also take a diaper bag w/ a guesstimate of what I'll need for the day.

I do find it difficult to work in the office w/ the baby. This is my 2nd to take to the office for significant time and another I took a little more randomly. I love that I can bf, although find I bf more in the office than at home. Fluorescent lights seem to both the baby (well, something does) and they don't sleep as well there.

I don't know what kind of work she does. I sort of have a desk stuck back in a storage room-- a large room all to myself. My boss apologizes for it, but I love it. I have plenty of space for a couch, kids come and visit (and I keep a big toy box of things that are only for the office), etc.

Anyway, the diapering is really easy and essentially the same as at home. Just the issue of toting them in and out daily (and I do this daily). But its not hard b/c I have a stroller that has a basket on the bottom and thats how things get in and out...

whoops... I see a couple other posts since I started this. Yeah, just have a bag to throw things in. It'll be like a dry pail. Then either wash that night, or move to the home pail (whether its dry or wet). PFs might work best (take up less space), although fitteds aren't bad either. Heck, those who swear by pockets would say go that way.
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Thanks for the tips ladies. They're really helpful.
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