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Need some wash help.

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Ok, here's the story:

I have an old (and I mean OLD) Kenmore Ultra Heavy Duty washer and dryer set I bought second hand from a local appliance shop. It was all I can afford at the moment, and there's NO WAY I would have cd'd if I had to use the laundry mat. Its a top loader.

Anyway, No matter how much detergent I put in, I never see any suds. I have had stinky hemp issues on and off since I started using hemp. I do a strip wash every other week or so, and it just keeps coming back. My DS has gotten detergent burns TWICE now, which I don't understand since I never see any suds in the wash water, and only add detergent to the first wash.

Here's my routine at the moment:
hot wash/cold rinse with 1/4 scoop detergent and 2 TBSP of wipe solution (made by a friend - aloe and essential oils. Smells like TTO.)

Heavy duty hot wash/cold rinse with nothing.

THEN another hot wash/cold rinse with nothing.

They smell fine coming out of the washer and fine out of the dryer. As soon as he pees, you can smell it.
He got a nasty rash just a couple days ago from his FB - he pood in it during the night and had red welts when I changed him (and I changed him in the middle of the night, so no - he didn't sit in it until morning.).

I don't know what else to do, short of selling off all my hemp. I've even tried bleach, and I ALWAYS use a microfleece liner at night. He's in sposies until I can figure this out, and I hate it.

Please, help a mama out. I am sad just thinking about having to sell all my pretty hemp fitteds and having to try to find something else that works for him overnight
I have 2 sherpa dipes, but everything else is hemp fitteds or plain UBCPF's, which won't do for overnight.
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Have you tried Calgon softener in the wash at all?
Yeah, that's what I used in my last wash, sunday night. Monday night was the FB incident. He's been in sposies ever since
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Mel~It honestly sounds like the detergent is rinsing out/breaking down. The Calgon has some pretty strong perfumes and whatnot in it, but it typically helps soften the water. I also have used salt and Borax with good results.
So...then...its probably not a detergent burn?? What else could it be? It doesn't look like eczema (and you know I'm the eczema expert.). Would it help if I took a g-rated pic??
I would think it is a reaction to the detergents.
I give up. Where's the white flag, I surrender. My washer has gotten the better of me.
I've only been doing this for 4 months and none of the stuff I've tried works. I'm ready to take his dipes to the nearest river and wash them on rocks. Or better yet, just chuck them over a bridge. UGH.
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