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I'm a SAHM with a 2YO dd and I'm looking for spring & summer work. I have<br>
done a ton of child-care, and we are raising our daughter with a strong<br>
emphasis on natural, attachment parenting.<br>
We live in Shelburne Center in a small home surrounded by rolling hills<br>
and a huge yard! We live pretty simply and with that comes a lot of<br>
nurturing. I'd love to find a situation that allows me to have my<br>
daughter with me while tending to your one or two children. I'm flexible<br>
with ages and whether or not you bring your child here or have us travel to<br>
Here are our ideal details:<br>
1 or 2 children<br>
Looking to meet only one family...not a daycare situation!<br>
We can travel or you can come here.<br>
We can pick-up, to appointments, practice...etc...we<br>
have a car.<br>
Ideal hours would be weekdays between 8:30-4:00...but we can talk...<br>
Hilltowns, Greenfield, Northampton area...<br>
Long term if it works out...beyond summer.<br><br>
If you're interested in meeting us and talking more details, please PM me.<br>
I have plenty of references and would love to meet you!<br>
Thanks so much,<br>
Andi <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile">
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