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Need Suggestions for Fun Things to Do in the Car with a 2 Year Old

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We're taking a long trip in a couple of weeks with our 26 month old son and I'm looking for suggestions for fun things to do. I'd especially like suggestions for a bag of goodies to pop out as surprises to keep him relatively happy throughout the journey (8 hours one day, 3 the next). Thanks in advance!

- Nicole
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for a recent plane ride, I used a magnadoodle, crayola markers that just mark on the special paper, magnet puzzles & special treats
The last trip we took I bought dd a couple of Ultimate Sticker books. There are a lot of different ones- Dinosaurs, Birds, Reptiles, etc. - and I like them because I usually learn something from them too and don't get so bored. The books are set up so you can match each sticker with an outline somewhere in the book, and a few sentences of information about the dinosaur or whatever it is.

Also, she really liked hearing stories about herself over and over and over again - that gets a little boring but keeps her happy. Good luck with your trip!
Thanks mamas for the great ideas - I would love to hear more!
I have taken many trips w/ my dd. I bring a bag of little toys like blocks and animals and stuff for her, lots of books to look at, if you had an aquadoodle or something like that..magnadoodles are good, and we sing alot.
My dd is awesome on road trips! I feel so lucky.

Good Luck on your trip!!
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Felt boards or books (like this):

Wiki Stix (wax sticks):
A lot of people also like beeswax for this age, although I haven't tried it. Lacing cards, maybe. I'd put together a new photo album -- DS loves to look at photos of himself and family and friends.

Good luck!
Thanks for the ideas? Anybody else?
NAK and dd is only 8 mo but maybe....

sing songs together. we did that on a long road trip w my mom. ds was about 3 and i was 11, but thought it funny to sing every old annoying kids song we could think of

story cd's - do they still make the ones that have bks w them?
If you're not anti-TV, then a portable DVD is an option. My dd still isn't interested in activities that she can do herself yet, but she'll gladly watch Monsters, Inc. on the "little TV."

Other than TV, I have a bag with lots of little things in it that she likes to pull out. But that only keeps her interested for a little while.

I hope your trip goes well!
We've checked out books on tape from the library for long trips.

Stickers are great too.

We just got a Colorforms stick-ons set (Dora the Explorer) for our next trip.

And fun snacks are always a must!

This site is fantastic, run by a wonderful WAHM. I love the on-the-go bag for long plane rides. For the car, it would depend on what kind of carseats you have.

And the ever favorite with my son... Magnadoodle! I hope it is a great trip!
Magnadoodle, lots of music CDs, and magnets. We have a couple of the Melissa and Doug sets of magnets ( that my ds plays with on the back of an old cookie sheet.

What's really handy is that the cookie sheet also works as a drawing table, or a snack table when you're traveling, too.

Oh, and tons of big lift-the-flap books that he only gets to read in the car. We love Maisy and the Little People ones. Oh, and there's an Elmo one that he loves, too.

Car trips can be challenging, but a lot of fun, too!

Spread the toys out over time so he doesn't tire of them all at once
Get out and run around sometimes (before the meltdown!)
ds likes to look at books

We took an 8 hour trip with ds and these seemed to work pretty good. We left early (6 am) so he would sleep most of the way.
I haven't tried this in the car, but I do it on rainy days. Try wrapping the toys you plan to bring. My DS loves to open "presents" even if they are just the toys we have around the house.

Have a good trip!
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Sing, sing, sing!

Point out things you can see outside. Play "I Spy" or "Can you find..."

Books on tape, depending on your kids
I just received an "I spy bag" from a swap. It is amazing!! Every one of my kids LOVE it! My 3yo has spent about 3 hours with it today, around the house, running errands, to the library, waiting for daddy at work etc. Click on I Spy Bags in the menu to the left.

I am planning on making several for a long trip we are going on in May.
Best wishes on your trip!
Another vote for a Magnadoodle, books on tape/cd, books with lift the flaps, a cd with sing-songs that you can do hand motions with. Plus, sit in the back WITH your toddler so they have companionship and aren't sitting back there alone.

Originally Posted by jlpolzin
If you're not anti-TV, then a portable DVD is an option.

You can get great dvd's at your local library for free. When we took our trip, ds played quietly for an hour with some trucks, listened to some music for about 15 minutes but before we even hit 2 hours we had to pull out the dvd player because he was really complaining. He watched about 2 hours of dvds, not ideal and nothing that we would EVER do at home, but you gotta do what you gotta do on a road trip, kwim.

Good Luck!
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Thanks again for all the great ideas, I'll let you know what works!

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