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Need Suggestions

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DH and I are taking Anna on an overseas trip next month to see DH's parents (my first time meeting them!) Anna will be 6 months at the time of our trip and I suspect she will weigh between 16 and 17 pounds. She absolutely loves her snugli and we will be taking it with us, but I would like some suggestions on what wraps are easiest to BF in while walking. We will be doing a lot of sightseeing with the family and it won't always be convenient to stop and nurse. I haven't used any traditional wraps yet, just the Snugli, so I don't know anything about them. Lithuania has a fairly mild climate compared to Colorado, so it won't be quite as warm. The wrap would need to be pretty lightweight material, but I'm not as worried about her overheating as I am here. Plus, I could just slip the wrap on while she is nursing and then put her right back into the Snugli, which she stays pretty cool in. Any suggestions on the easiest wraps to BF in? And as superficial as this sounds, I'd like one that covers a good portion of my tummy so I don't bare my stretch marks to the world, KWIM?
Also, if you know where to get them that will help, too. I have to get it soon because we leave in four weeks and I'd like to have a little practice with it so DD and I can both get use to it. TIA!!
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Just looked around online and it looks like a ring sling is going to be the best. Are these pretty easy to uses? Or, if there is something I'm missing and there is a different type of sling that will suit better let me know!
I can't believe I've resonded to my own thread twice already! One more question (and I sincerely hope someone answers so I don't end up wasting any money!) How hot does the Ellaroo get? I read that it has some padding to keep DD's legs from getting pinched and for my comfort as well, but how much hotter does this make the sling? Do I need to worry about DD overheating? I know I sound crazy right now, but I just have never used a sling before! We've been perfectly content using out Snugli up until now.

Here's me nursing in the EllaRoo (it's at the very end). I think I made up that technique (drop one shoulder, lean forward to raise boob, lift boob to baby, and go) as I was being filmed because it was a heck of a lot easier than untying, loosening, retying. The ER is very cool; I am in South Florida and that is what led me to it in the first place (I traded my old Didymos for my first EllaRoo Wrap).
I really love the GypsyMama wraps; the gauze (bali baby breeze) is cooler but has less stretch than the hybrid (bali baby stretch). The latter is probably easier to use for a novice wrapper. I don't find the Ellaroo a great wrap for a beginner, as I was when I first started using it as one of my first wraps. If it hadn't been for the gypsymama bali baby stretch that i bought on a whim, i would have given up on wraps forever!

You also might consider a mei tai or a structured carrier, both of which would likely be more comfy for you and your dd because of the better weight distribution and the more ergonomic wearing position for both you and dd. I find either of these pretty easy to nurse in and I wear nursing shirts to disguise the flabby pale belly.
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I am so torn now! I am trying to decide between a ring sling (probably unpadded) or a wrap. They both seem to meet all of my needs as far as being able to nurse while walking, not too hot in the summer heat, versatility with positions, etc. The one thing I'm not sure of is ease of use. I've read good and bad reviews on ease of use with each. I'm really leaning more toward a wrap at this point, but I'm worried I won't have time before vacation (July 26th is when we leave) to learn at least two or three positions really well. I don't want to fumble around for an hour trying to remember how to tie the darn thing while we're out and about! But, it does seem to have a little more versatility than a ring sling. Perhaps I am wrong? I can't find a store that carries them in my area so I can go try one on with DD to see which one we like better, so I'm leaving it all in the hands of the women (and men!) here at MDC.

Here are my final questions:
Do you prefer a ring sling (padded or unpadded) or a wrap (keeping in mind the needs I listed above) and why?

How long did it take you to become comfortable with two or more babywearing positions?

I really appreciate your help!
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Ok, when I first started reading the thread, I thought you were bringing the Storchenwiege wrap "Anna" It took me a sec to figure it out, lol!

I'd go with a Kozy
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I would get something that you're comfortable carrying dd as well as nursing her in -- no matter how easy the new carrier is to use, to switch back and forth from the Snugli just to nurse is going to make you

That's why I vote for a wrap, a mei tai, or a structured carrier, because I think you'll be happier carrying her all day in one of these over a ring sling. Probably my vote would be for a mei tai or a structured carrier for lower learning curve and better ease in on-off, and also so your dh is more inclined to carry her as well (there are dhs out there who wrap, but more guys seem to like the simpler carriers better). These are very easy to learn how to use on front and back, which is really all the positions you need.

If you're going to go for a wrap, again, all you need is one front carry and one back carry and you'll be set, you don't need to learn lots of different carries. You can learn a simple front cross carry or a front wrap cross carry for the front and a rucksack or a back wrap cross carry for the back. There's plenty of time between now and the time you leave to practice -- just try to practice every day and you'll be proficient in no time!
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Thanks for your suggestions everyone! I just ordered my Lovey Mei Tai and I should get it next week (EXCELLENT customer service by the way!) Hopefully it will work well. I am super excited to have something other than our Snugli...and I think I'll make a ring sling myself when we get back just to have another option for DD.
It's a lot easier IMHO to nurse in a MeiTai when wearing a nursing shirt.
I have one from Majamas that I absolutely love. Also, if you need to be very discreet, you can safety pin or clip a receiving blanket to the straps at your sholders to cover the baby. I only did this when I was trying to get my DD, Anna to nurse to sleep.
I hope you have a wonderful trip
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Thank you everyone for your helpful suggestions. I really appreciate them. I just received my Mei Tai yesterday and absolutely love it! DD loves it, too. It is so much more comfortable than that Snugli (I'll never go back!) I went to the Butterfly Pavillion today with DD and she was happy in the mei tai the whole time we were there. I've dabble with a few carries and find it so easy to use. I've even nursed in it already, though not without a little fumbling. I don't know why it took me so long to order one. I could have benifited immensely from this from the start. I'm going to make a ring sling for our upcoming trip so I have both options while we're away. DH still says he won't wear anything other than the Snugli but I have a feeling once he wears the mei tai for even 5 minutes he'll be converted.

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