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<p>Hi Mamas-</p>
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<p>I'm hoping to make it to Colorado for the summer with my little girl (2).  I've been checking out Craigslist and other places, but can't seem to find the perfect accommodations.  Do any of you have a room, apartment, or house to rent or know someone to refer? </p>
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<p>I'm having a hard time finding my list of wants, maybe I'm asking too much.  I'm trying to avoid housing with college students as it may not be the best environment for my little girl.  Here is my post from Craigslist.  Let me know your thoughts and if you know of any opportunities!</p>
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Would like to spend my summer in Colorado and looking for a unique rooming opportunity in the area. Willing to sublet, rent a room, share housing, etc. Do you have space to offer?<br><br>
I LOVE to barter! Can I do any odd jobs for you? Weed/Tend the garden, house sit, take care of your pets while you go on vacation, give dance lessons, bake some delicious treats regularly?<br><br>
My preferences:<br>
House with fenced in yard.<br>
Laundry on premises.<br>
Kitchen access (I love to cook!)<br>
Walking distance to shops, restaurants, and other community events (want, not need).<br>
Quiet area and house(My little girl is in bed by 8pm)<br>
Daughter and I can share a queen size bed.<br>
Happy to share with other families.<br>
Animals OK - dogs, cats, etc.<br>
Furnished preferred.<br><br>
Something about me:<br>
Love the outdoors<br>
Organic gardener<br>
Tribal Bellydancer<br>
Not big on tv, but internet access a must.<br>
I'll be bringing my well-mannered but still 2 year old daughter along with me. (meaning 90% of the time she's great, 10% will have some crying or whining.)<br>
I'm a "crunchy" mom. If you know what this means, even better.<br><br>
Will be working from home part time while exploring the area to see where I may want to live. I can pay up to $500/m including utilities.<br><br>
Please respond with your opportunity and we can get to know each other.</p>
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