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I'm having trouble with hormones making me sensitive and so about 2 weeks out of the month lately I've been sore with no real way to remedy it. I do get out to the end of my rope sometimes. Last night just when I had decided that 12 minutes was not long enough between nursings and I was going to try something else if he woke up ONE MORE TIME, he finally settled and slept a good stretch so I got a break.

Havent' had the squeamishness just the soreness...but I'm doing the same thing, telling myself that I don't have to jump on any extreme solution, I just need to take care of myself to blow off that stress and do what I need to in order to keep going... I don't want to make any changes ds can't readily accept, that is my only self-imposed guideline. One change I'd like to make right now is get his free hand off my other breast. Man is that driving me nuts. I feel like hyperventilating when he does it.

My ds is nowhere near forgetting to ask, he actually wakes up asking. Literally. I am handing him off to dh, whenever I get my hackles up, and taking a break.

I guess that is not really any help to you other than to let you know some of us are going thru those mental/hormonal type of stresses with bf too...
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