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Need teen girl jeans suggestions

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I did the unthinkable today which was dryer-dry my dd's new jeans which I just bought for her. I forgot we were told not to do that or they'd shrink quite a bit. Now they are a bit uncomfortable for her and I can't afford more jeans. (and they were the last one in that size)

I'm finding it really hard to find jeans for her because of this butt-crack/pubic-hair, 1 inch zipper style of jeans that doesn't sit right on the hips so no wonder they don't ever fit any normal girl. She's not overweight but she is curvy at 16. She's all upset that she's suddenly a size 9 according to those kinds of jeans, but her measurements are only a size 5 or 7.

Are there any other jeans out there? Even I can't buy jeans except at the thrift store because I can't wear that style and all I can find that's new is that icky style. Any ideas of jeans that are fashionable and affordable without being ridiculously fitted?
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I really like Levis and they are easy to find at thrift stores/yard sales. They make them in every cut imaginable it seems. I still wear my 501s from Junior High. Those things last forever
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rewash the jeans in cold water and hang dry, they should stretch out a bit.
The gap usually has some that aren't too low rise, and they often have sales.
I hate to advocate for a mall store, but do you have a Fashion Bug near you? I was having a REALLY hard time finding jeans for my very curvy (but not yet tall) 12-yr old, and we had the best luck there. We scoured the clearance racks and found 3 pair she loved for under $30. They're just low enough to be comfortable and fashionable, but not sitting barely north of no-man's land. And they all have a little Lycra for stretch
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How long has she worn them since you washed them? I always throw my jeans in the dryer and when they come out I can barely get them done up. In about 3 hours, they have stretched back to their pre-washed size.

And I second the Gap which doesn't usually go to the extreme edge of a trend.
Express has a few different cuts of jeans- one cut is specifically for curves. I find I always wear a couple sizes smaller there- they seem to cut their jeans a little looser. They can be pricey but they are almost always having a sale of some kind.
Thanks for the suggestions. We don't have Fashion Bug but we do have Gap. But....she won't shop at Gap. Something about how she's more punk and not preppy although that irks me since my first husband was an "actual" punk and we used to have Thanksgiving with Tommy Ramone because he married my best friend's sister...blah,blah.....and of course, my dd is NOT a punk in my eyes.....

Anyway, I did have her just put them on right away to stretch them out. They are still a bit tight but I will try washing them again (I only wash in cold).

Thanks for the advice. I think she needs to be less particular and I may just make her try on some Gap jeans to see how they feel. We tend to "owe" each other now and then, and I think it's my turn to receive!
Gap here we come! No more butt-crack!
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Try Old Navy, my amazon of a daughter has had alot of luck there, plus their return policy is so good, you could go and exchange the jeans if they shrank like that.
Banana republic makes special curvy fit jeans. They also have talls and stuff. But their jeans are $70 and up! I imagine gap and old navy have the same thing at better prices. I hate those companies, but their clothes fit so well

If she's into being more "punk" than I would go with levi's as there is more choice. Aren't "punk" jeans super tight, tapered leg, and black typically? Or is that nouvau punk? I've been seeing lots of black tapered legs around here lately.
Anyway, I'm curvy, always have been and gap companies are the most comfortable jeans I've found. They last for about 6 months, but very comfortable.
Good luck, I hated shopping for jeans when I was a teen. Those low rise jeans make me look like I'm about 20 pounds heavier than I am. Hmm, I guess that was 10 years ago. Why the heck is that style still in???
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Originally Posted by whoamama
Try Old Navy, my amazon of a daughter has had alot of luck there, plus their return policy is so good, you could go and exchange the jeans if they shrank like that.
Definitely try Old Navy. DD#1 is only 8, but she is very tall. They have a great variety of sizes and fits. Good prices, too. Exchanging is easy, too. I once got her a pair of pants that had a button come off in the wash, they just gave me a new pair.
It will take some patience, but what I do with SIL... 13 with an adults body make her try on LOTS of jeans...JCPenney usually has sales and often eans <$30.00 , SIL likes some brand she buys at Goodys, and If you have a rugged warehouse they have GREAT prices but you have to try on everything and be sure it has no major defects....SIL got a pair of Abercrombie jeans for $12.00. Lerner (NY&Co.) also has a fair priced selection of styles. And try Ross...lots of variety. Look for stretch, they seem to keep the back covered a little better and a little shrinkage is still comfortable.... I would stay away from LEI, Bongo low and small IMO. And if you find a certain brand/size dd likes then try E-bay. HTH
i always dry my jeans, and theyre a little tight when i put them on, but stretch, and fit well after a little bit
Torrid! i love, and have found that Old Navy womens plus jeans, esp. capris, are the bomb. she sounds like she wont need plus, but if they fit well, the regular sizes will likely be even better.

oh, and, yeah, i always machine dry and then do some silly plie type squats to loosen them up. cracks up the kids, but it works for me! LOL
I have a string bean of a dd so I am unsure if our favorite store will work for you but... The Limitd Too seems to fit the bill for us. They do have a good selection of sizes and cuts. The Limited Too also has some really good clearnace clothes if you get lucky and the timing is good.

I too wash my jeans and then put them in the dryer - here in Minnesota line drying is not an option most the year
! Once in a while they're in there too long and seem to have shrunk. Usually they can be stretched back.
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Thanks for all the suggestions! I'm lucky in that although she is very rigid lately about what she will eat, wear, etc. she will do as I say because she won't bite the hand that feeds her. She knows she has it good around here! So I will definitely take her for a marathon jeans day and just make her try it all on and see if she can't find something she can live with that doesn't look so trashy. She tends to buy her jeans at Charlotte Russe or Forever 21. She wanted a pair at Hot Topic (neo-punk) but they were out of her size. Those are all mall stores and up to recently Granny was shopping for all her clothes at Christmas (I was a single mom for many years and it became the tradition) but Granny can't walk that much anymore. I only bought thrift store for her and she was totally fine with that, but you know how it goes, she wants to be fashionable as well as thrifty! And I can spring for new jeans (but on sale!) once a year. I just hate the way these lowrise jeans fit on these kids. It's not a pretty site!
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Is there a Plato's Closet around you? My teen shops there and all the jeans/pants are $12. It is a trendy resale shop for teens. GREAT place!!!
Do you have a Plato's Closet near you? It's a second hand hand store with teen clothes.
Hey! We cross posted!
I second the Levis, I just got a pair and they are great and made in every style!
Also, if she is Punkish what about Dickies? They are normally pretty expensive but if you can find some on sale they might work, they are deffonitly sturdy and arent super low rise.
I hate lowrise pants too.. talk about uncomfortable and unflattering creations!
Boys/men's jeans. I have a really high wast, and men's jeans are all I wore until they came out with low-er rise women's jeans.
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