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I don't really like Christmas pudding, and DH and I have made chicken for Christmas until now (and don't celebrate Thanksgiving, being in NZ and all); so I've never made either dish. Hints, recipes, post-Thanksgiving 'Don't do what I did's?


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What do you mean by "Christmas pudding"? Plum pudding with hard sauce?

I make a fabulous persimmon (steamed) pudding... no sauce needed, although a caramel sauce would probably go nicely.

I'll say that this was the first time I've ever roasted a turkey, I've always disliked turkey in the past. We were so happy with the results that I'll make it anytime I get a chance now. Apparently it wasn't turkey that I disliked, just how everybody in my family makes it.

For the turkey, I can't recommend slow roasting enough. I followed the instructions from this website, except I increased the cooking time to 30 min/lb, since I've heard that 20 is not enough.

I also unwrapped the bird a day early, removed the giblets, rinsed it, patted it dry, sprinkled it with salt and put it uncovered back in the fridge to let the skin dry out a bit. That helps produce a nice crispy skin. Thanksgiving night, I pulled the bird out of the oven and it was a deep rich brown, and when I went to remove the drums for dinner, the bones came away in my hand. I've never had a better turkey. You can brine with this method also, do the brine, then the drying and then the slow roasting... I just didn't bother with the brine this year.
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