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Need to arm myself

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In a few weeks, I'll be giving birth. I'm 90% sure this is another girl, however, I'm not positive.

My firstborn is intact. However dh feels this is the worst decision I ever made in my parenting(ds is his stepson-legally, but his daddy, been there since early on). When we had our second, we had big fights about it. All I knew is I didn't want it done. I didn't have any real backing for it. I was still young.

Now if this baby is another boy, I want him intact. And I know changing dh mind will be hard to do. He is VERY headstrong.

I need resources, so that I can educate him the best I can. Then maybe we can come to agree(to leave it alone). His argument is that his uncle had to be circ'd at 50 yrs old and it was terrible painful. The baby wouldn't remember it.

His logic doesn't make sense to me. He won't pierce the girls ears, as it's not "natural" and at 16 they can decide to do it if they want. Go figure

However, i don't want to approach this confrontationally. That doesn't help. It makes him more adamant.

Can anyone give me info to print out? i've been to but are there others?

What are some of the arguments FOR circumcision? False or otherwise. I want to be able to counter that too.

It will be a long debate. *Sigh*.

Thanks...I'm just praying this is the little gal I think it is.
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Here are two links to articles by Dr. Paul Fleiss, a pediatrician:

The Case Against Circumcision

Protect Your Uncircumcised Son

I also recommend Dr. Fleiss' book What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Circumcision, which you can get from Amazon.

I would definitely get your husband to read the Fleiss articles at a minimum, and make him watch the video of it being done. Then ask him why he wants his son to have a penis that's shorter, thinner, and has 50% fewer nerve endings than God/nature intended.
I second the Fleiss articles, to print out for him to read, and then read this yourself:
There is a video of a circumcision here:

It is not for the faint of heart.

Try (verbally) paraphrasing some pertinent information from some of these links for him.
I just went to the Intact page, but after seeing the pictures of the circumcision happening, I just couldn't bring myself to watch the video.

Has anyone ever shown a parent-to-be this video? What was their reaction? What if they had already circumcised previous sons?

Touch_of_Sunshine - good for you for making sure you are there to protect your son (if it's a boy you are having). He will thank you for it when he is older!
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