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Need to move hostas - is it too late?

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Hi all,

We have hostas all around our house. On the side of the house where we are expanding the garden, there are two hostas in full sun. They do okay but look pretty rough late in the summer. DH and I have planned to move the hostas to a better spot anyway because we are planning to use their current location as a walkway around the new expanded garden bed that we're planning. I knew that we should move the hostas around this time and noticed today that the green leaves have come up. All the other hostas just have the little nubs out of the ground and I guess the days just got away from me.
The hostas are pretty big - probably 1.5-2 feet long and 1 foot wide to cover the space the little nubs come up.

I don't really need to divide them, although I will if I can, but they need to move, we take the risk of them not making it, or I need to rethink the location of the garden. And it's mid April. And I'm pregnant and nesting and I need to get the garden ready now!

So, now that the leaves are coming out - is it too late to move them? Please say no....

Oh, in case it is relevant in any way - I am in zone 5. This is our first week of decent weather and non-freezing temps at night, and our frost date is mid-May.

Thanks in advance.
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I would move them. If they have a lot of green already up and out, cut back on it a bit, so the energy goes first in the roots.

However, I have never move Hosta.
I have moved hostas quite a few times. Some of the ones in our yard now are from four houses ago!

Move them if you have the time now. Hostas, for the most part, are super hardy IME. I have moved them in the early spring when the crowns just start to come up, in the middle of the summer, and in the late fall. They all seem none the worse for the wear!
I would move them. Just take care to get them in a nice comfy spot and plant at same depth they were. Water them in good. prob give them some root stimulator as well. but they should be fine.
Gold colored hosta do better in the sun if you are wanting one to go in the sun.... there is one called quacamole that does very well here.
I've dug full grown hostas in the middle of summer and gave them away (practically) because I had so many. IME, you can't hardly kill them. Do it now. do it later. Whenever. They don't care. Full sun, part sun, no sun. They'll grow. They are like the easiest plants to grow.
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