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Need to "refresh" stash-suggestions please

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As we're gearing up for #2, I need to start refreshing my stash as some of our dipes are worse for the wear from DD (who is still in dipes at the present time).

I'm good with NB dipes (have 2 dz. Kissaluvs 0s) although I have to check the cover situation (anyone have that 800 # handy for the Prorap seconds?)

as far as smalls, I think I have a dozen FBs that are in pretty good shape as I recall, but I'm not sure about stuffers....I have a boatload of hemp PFs I used to stuff DD's dipes, but they have thinned considerably over the years and don't absorb well enough for DD now (probably ok for a baby in smalls though).

I also have a number of fitteds (mostly hemp SOS) that could work for small.

My mediums got the most wear & tear. I have some FBs that are going strong (and some with totally shot elastic), but most of the HHs have velcro that is shot, and again my hemp PFs as stuffers situation isn't a great one (and my joey bunz are looking pretty haggard too). I have other fitteds that are fine for meds, but I found them generally too bulky under clothes for day-we use them with wool covers at night, and I think they'll be fine for DC#2.

I'm not wanting to spend much-part of my reason for cloth was the cost savings, and I won't save much if I have to get a new hyena stash with each kid, but I've also been out of the diaper loop since I built DD's stash years ago. I guess I'm primarily looking for suggestions for absorbant, reliable, not terribly costly stuffers; suggestions for good pocket dipes to replenish my mediums, and a brief refresher course about any other "gotta have" cloth items that I may have missed out on in the last few years.

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If you don't mind, I'll be lurking here to see what replies you get. I've also got to work on adding onto my stash. My dd is 4 1/2 now, and she was in dipes until 3 1/2, so my dipes got a LOT of use.
Can you sew or know anyone who can sew? Replacing elastic and aplix on pocket diapers really isn't that hard and would barely cost you anything.

Stuffers: I pretty much just use prefolds, flats or microfiber towels. A lot of diaper stores have started carrying heir own inserts that are comparable to the name brands (moe, cottonbabies) but cost less.

As for "gotta-haves", it's still pretty much the same. FB's still seem to be the most popular as far as pockets go. And a lot of stores give you a free insert w/pocket diapers (cottonbabies is one). So whatever pockets you decide on, try to get them with free inserts to beef up your insert stash without spending extra money.
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Thanks for the suggestions...I can sew (at least well enough to replace elastic, I think).. I just wasn't sure just how to go about ripping the seams and tacking down the elastic/replacing aplix, and then re-sewing so that it doesn't damage the PUL and make the dipe all leaky. Do I just use regular thread or some special kind? How about the needle/ Where can I get aplix (or should I just pick up velcro at Joanne's) So many questions, so little time....
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Just take out the stitching (very carefully) where you need to in order to fix it (the leg elastic casing and the top of the diaper for the aplix). Use 100% polyester thread (cotton or cotton wrapped can cause wicking). When you are done, toss them in the dryer on HOT for about 15-20 minutes (actually, I dry them on hot for the first few times after washing just to be sure). This will seal the holes caused by the needle on the pul. I just use whatever needle I have laying around. I don't think it's needs a certain size. When you sew the top of the diaper back up, face the pul down. If it's facing up, it will catch on the foot and bunch up.

I buy aplix at . I like that I can buy the hook and loop separately so I'm not wasting a bunch of hook. You'll need approx 1/3 a yard of loop and 1/10 a yard of hook per diaper (that's if you are replacing ALL of it including the tabs and laundry tabs). If you are just replacing the front aplix, you just need 8-10 inches per diaper. I use 1/4 inch polybraid elastic.

It might be worth it to just buy some elastic from a local store, fix one of the fuzzi bunz, put it in the dryer, then try it out and make sure it's not leaky before you buy all the aplix and take all the time to fix all the diapers. I've only fixed bummis covers, so it's not *quite* the same kind of pul, but I haven't had any leaking.

Good luck!
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We just bought a bunch of fleece pocket diapers from - the diapers are Apron Strings Baby Things (a WAHM company) pockets. A lot of the other mammas here recommended them and we bought one to try it out. It's super soft, really well made, and worked as a nightime dipe too. We bought a bunch more - and they come in really really cute prints and solids. We stuff with infant prefolds and add a Punkin' Butt hemp insert at night. Anyway, the diapers are really well made - the elastic around the legs seems much more substantial than FB (which we have 4 of) and the woman who makes them, Rebecca, has been really helpful and responsive. They are $16 a piece (or $18 for Windpro) which isn't cheap, but seemed reasonable for what you're getting. Oh - and Zannadu - the little WAHM company I ordered them from - is also really really great. Joanne is very helpful - even with the 5 billion questions I asked.


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