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Need Waterbirth Pool Recommendation TODAY

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I need to order my pool TODAY (actually yesterday would have been better)!!!

I have used the round aquarium pool for the past 2 but it wasn't holding air so great the last time so I need to get a new one and have come across the Made In Water birthing pool. Similar as far as inflatable bottom, etc but more oval shape with handles and a bigger price tag.

Has anyone used this pool or have a preference you would share?


VERY Soon to be mom to 4!!!!
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sorry i dont have an answer for you but i hope some do come along. i'm interested also
I haven't used a pool yet (I was in a birthing center with a tub for the last two) but I will be ordering the "Made in Water" tub for the upcomming birth... I have had a few comments about the fishy pool that kind of made it iffy for me and also the fishy pool is pretty pricey for me since I can't buy it or order it locally and the exchange + shipping for it makes it so that there isn't a big difference....

I just like how sturdy the "made in Water" tub looks and I like the idea of having the handles and the way that it stands up even if there is a leak of air...
Another board I'm on recently had a discussion on the fishy pool vs. the Made in Water pool. The MIW is higher, but not as large. Both are very sturdy. If you were comfortable in the fishy pool, liked the amount of space and aren't sure if you want anything smaller, you may want to go with the fishy pool. If you like the fishy pool, could go with a slightly smaller dimension (it's oval, so the smaller dimension is only one way I believe), but would like higher sides, the MIW would be for you. From my understanding they both hold about the same amount of water.

I used the fishy pool and loved it - and am looking forward to checking out the MIW pool when a friend of mine gets it for her birth!
what are the made in water pool and the fishy pools and how do i find them? how much do they cost?
i know this is a little late, but i used the hex shaped fishy pool, and loved it.
it wasn't too big or too small for me. (i'm 5'8)

here is a link to where we got ours..
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