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Need your help to wean DS..

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Hi to everyone, this is my 1st time to post here and I have been lurking for some time and getting some wonderful tips from moms like me. I have an almost 16 month old boy who is BF'ed. Recently, I just night weaned him. He eats well during the day and I have successfully reduced his day nursings to 3-4 times. My challenge is before nap time, bedtime and in the morning before we get off bed. We cosleep. The reason to wean him is to get him to sleep better at night and it is happening to my amazement. He didn't take too much time to get used to the idea that there's no "nouna" when he wakes up at night.

Can you please help me with some tips on how to wean his completely. DH would like him to be weaned by 18 months. I am glad I was able to nurse him this long as my goal was 12 months but he is an addict. He used to nurse many many times during the day and night for comfort and food too.

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I don't have any advice for you, but I would head over to the Breastfeeding Beyond Infancy forum. There has been a thread there recently titled "Mama-led weaning support". (At least, I think that's what it's called.
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You might want to pick up the books "How Weaning Happens" and "Mothering Your Nursing Toddler".

Is there any reason beyond your DH's wanting you to wean that you feel compelled to wean so young? I know when I was getting no sleep complete weaning seemed like it would solve the problem but just being able to get some sleep is what I really needed. Maybe you could take a week or 2 and think about do you really want to day wean too? I cant imagine having to go through toddlerhood without nursing! It made life so much easier, we had a saying, "Boobie fixes everything". Rough day? nurse! need a nap? nurse! Having a major meltdown that wont stop? nurse! You may consider it lazy but its fast and it works and it makes like sooo much easier. I managed to get many a nap in by nursing, she was more then happy to nurse while I took a little snooze
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He is not addicted to nursing, it's not a bad habit that needs to be broken, it's a need, a very real need for most toddlers, for nutrition, for antibodies, and for comfort, for at *least* the first two years of their lives.
I agree. Nursing is still a biological need at his age. Humans are designed to wean at an average of 4-7years old (someone correct me if my numbers are wrong... nak) The WHO says all babies should be nursed until at LEAST 2 years old.

hang in there!

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