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Need your help

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My friend has expressed a little interest in cloth diapers and for her shower I thought I would get her one or two to try out. I do not know anything about them so would you please recommned what would be the best to get for her? I cannot spend a lot of money, but I would like to get her two different ones so she can see the different kinds. Please any help would be very nice!
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is $14 too much? I would get her a cute AIO from LHC
She might fall in l

Maybe you can get her a pocket dipe as well like a fuzzi bunz or a HH?
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What is a pocket diaper? 14 each might be a little much, I have already knitted her a blanket and bought her an outfit too. Is it hard to sew your own?
You could definately sew your own (if you sew). Whether you buy, or sew I'd do a pocket, a and a fitted. You could knit her a soaker too.
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Check the local thrift stores or the diaper pantry on yahoo.
I'd get her a Nanipoos! Super cheap newborn dipes!

And maybe a bummis super whisper wrap?

I'd buy a newborn Kissaluv in one of the cute colors with a matching cover. Maybe one from loveybums if you want to go the wool route...if not go the cheaper PUL route and get her a Be-bo's PUL cover in a print to match.
Tie them together with a cute ribbon. It's all in the packaging babe. Haha.
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Wow thanks ladies, but I think I might be more confused now, lol!
So, I would need to get her a diaper, a cover, and a soaker? What does a soaker do? Sorry for so many ?, I never used cloth with my ds Chris(thought they were well outdated,
) so I don't know very much. Thanks for the time.
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