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Need your NIP discrimination stories ASAP!

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Help! for the NYC Nurse-in, we need some short (1-2 paragraphs) stories of your experience with NIP discrimination. even if it was just nasty looks or negative comments.

We want to include some stories in the media kit - to hand to the media. You don't have to be in, or be from NYC.

Here's your chance to participate in the nurse-in.

We'd like your full name, and city, but I don't think we need your full contact information. Its just to give the media some idea of what goes on these days.

I need these today preferrably, (tomorrow morning at the very latest)

Email directly to [email protected] or file them in the file folder at
(you'll need to join the group)

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I'd love to see the media kit - any way to get a copy?
Just being nosy
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Re; media kit
go to:
and join the group
Then go to the "files" area.
I've got one. I'll need to write it up. When do you need it?
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