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Need your suggestions~ Best dipes for a newborn?????

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I am due in March and plan to get the diapers I need for the baby sometime in the next month or so.
The thing is, with ds, I had a diaper service. I used the service until he was 6 months old. At that time I switched to fitteds w/ Airflows, and wool at night.
Ds is now out of dipes

I don't plan on having a diaper service for this baby (the last one was a gift anyways), and just am unsure about what is the best (easiest, most comfortable, best fit, etc) diapering system for a newborn. I'm thinking AIO's probably aren't the wisest since newborns need to be changed sooo much. So then I question~ prefolds or fitteds?? and if fitteds, which brands do you suggest for a newborn?? And how about covers? I plan on using wool at night, but how about a good night time newborn dipe??
Please share your experiences~ good and bad, and all your wise advice. Thanks so much!!
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Everyone here seems to like Kissaluvs size 0. I have 4 that were loaned to me by a friend b/c we're ttc, and they are TINY!!!!!
Lots of people here use a combination of prefolds and wraps (really economical), and fitteds/covers. The fitteds do a better job of keeping the poop off the covers.

Here are some people that make NB fitteds:
Kissaluvs size 0
The Bunny Patch
Angel Wraps size XS

AIOs are nice to have for dads/grandmas/etc
Angel Wraps XS
Little Lambs NB

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NANIPOOS!!! i loved our little tiny nanipoo newborn diapers. they are very small, my dd was 8lbs 10oz and she only fit them for a week or 2. but if your babies tend to be smaller then i'd definitely get some if i were you. she only has 2 instock right now but they are very reasonably priced.

Hiya Jaze!
Nice to see ya on the Diapering board, Mama!

I used prefolds & Proraps during the newborn stage, then moved on to fitteds and AIO's.

Lots of Mamas recommend the Kissaluvs size 0, but I haven't had any experience with them, so I can't comment on that.
I'm due in March too, and this is what I picked up. Since I haven't used them I don't know if it is a good choice or not yet but I'm sticking with what I have.

20 Kissaluvs 0
12 premie CPFs
12 infant CPFs
2 Bummis wraps NB
2 Prowraps NB
2 Bumkins NB

I don't think I will use the premies for very long at all but thought they would be good doublers later and good for the first few days.

I also want to pick up some smalls before the baby comes but I'm still thinking about those.
i used infant size UBCPF's and NB Bumkins and also had a couple of NB proraps that i liked as well. the thing i liked best about the Bumkins (and still do) is that they don't stain - any poop that does escape onto the cover rinses right off. my baby was fairly tiny in the beginning (6lbs. 13 oz at birth, down to 6lbs 4oz 2 days after) so she was a little small yet to be able to snappi a pf, so we just folded it in thirds and laid it in the cover (the bumkins have a little pocket to hold it in place). i didn't find escaping poops to be much of a problem until she started pooping less often - the volume was so much bigger because she was saving it up! that's when we started doing a newspaper fold and securing with a snappi - but she was already on to the small covers by then.

i'm just beginning to experiment with some fitted dipes and AIO's (making them) so i don't have any experience using them for a newborn. But still for me UBCPF's and covers are my tried and true favorites. and i think infant CPF's and covers are the easiest, most economical choice for a newborn, since they're cheap and can be used later on as doublers, burp cloths, and stuffins for pocket dipes too if you don't have a heavy wetter.
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I loved my infant UBCPFs (snappied) with bummis nylon pull on covers and me airflows. No leaks at all since the beginning.
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