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Needing PreFolds

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Little one is now 16 weeks old and these prefolds are close to not fitting no matter how I fold or twist them. Does anyone have advice on what kind and where to get new bigger ones?

Part of the reason we made the jump to cloth was because we live far from stores, have one car, and hubby is in the military. I remember having to use HIS shirts with our daughter when he was away and we ran out of sposies. LOL We did not want that to happen again and when we learned of how horrible they really are, there was no choice at all, have to go cloth.

This weekend my love is leaving yet again and I find myself very worried about my hardly fitting diaper stash.

I have very limited funds but again, no choice, cloth diapers must be gotten!

On a very happy note, I am learning to make my own covers and I am loving it! It will really help keep my hands busy when the stress of being without my love so long and the kids only parent start to close in on me.

Thank you mamas for taking time out of your day to help when you can! I know it can be very hard to find time to jump on here.

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you could alway trifold and put in covers to get you by.
I just found this site this morning. It looked like it might be helpful. I noticed you mentioned you were far from town but you might be able to scrounge up enough stuff around the house to get you through the time your sweetie is gone, with this (link below) information.

I have also heard of several who have cut up and used towels, that might be ready to retire, in a pinch.

I don't know what sort of price range you are looking for, but sometimes you can have good luck on ebay. Also I really like the diapers from "whole family market"

Hope these links are helpful! Good luck with your diapering and cover making! Hope you have a great day!
Oh my, they have a few kinds of fitted ones. Toby soaks the ones we have but we got them from ebay and no clue what kind they are. I would think Gerber brand. Need something better.

Thank you for the links! I do not sew at the moment. I have an old machine but no clue how to durge and if I need a different machine for that or not. I will tell you, if I do run out, hubbys shirts will be the first to go! LOL

Not an emergency yet, but wanting to be ready for one!

Well, since you say it is not an emergency, I want to suggest Granitsmith at Ebay. Here is Teresa's store (which is empty at the moment):
Problem is that Teresa sadly passed away a couple days ago.
I did recieve an email that stated they would be selling again very soon. They just need a little time to sort things out.
The prefolds that I have gotten from Granitsmith have been the softest prefolds I have ever put on my baby's booty.
I would buy the "BEST" Indian Prefolds. They are sold by the dozen and run an average of $2 each with the shipping for the premium size.
Sorry about your hubby leaving. I salute you dear military families that sacrifice so much!!
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Actually, the reason there is nothing in that store is because Teresa (the owner) died recently. There's another thread about it on this board.

Try -- she's great to work with, has cheap shipping, and the prefolds are good quality.
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Kontessa, goodbyes are hard. I know. I'm an air force wife. We don't deploy as much as you do but do nearly as many TDY's and those are hard too. I would trifold your prefolds and lay them in the cover for now until your husband comes home or the money situation gets better. That will make them last a little longer. Washcloths are great for laying in a cover as a diaper if you are in a pinch.
As an aside, when you are feeling a little bitter that your hubby is away AGAIN, it might be nice for your sweet daughter to poop on one of hubby's work shirts for under his BDU's.
Sorry. I am probably one of the biggest supporters of our troops and the great job they do but sometimes you just have to laugh at the irony of a baby pooping on air force(or army as the case may be) property! My Sara has pooped on dh's shirts before and it just cracks me up. I'm a nerd!
You don't need a serger to sew the prefolds. Even a novice sewer can do prefolds with a cheap sewing machine by using the zig zag stitch. t-shirt material is snappi-able and VERY absorbent. Check out the diaper making board here at MDC. Those ladies are amazing!
Anyway start peeking around to see who has the best prices. Look for flat rate shipping or free shipping because prefolds are so dang heavy. And getting them won't be the initial big investment because you already have snappi's or pins and covers and wipes. You just need the prefolds.
Honestly I think it's so sad that your husband can die for his country but ya'll have to budget well to fit diapers into the finances. I know it's a luxury to be financially stable these days and you sound like you only have one income but I personally think it's a sad, sad state of affairs. Just a gripe from one military wife to another. Here's hoping your love comes home soon, safe and sound. At least you can enjoy window shopping right now!

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I have infant-sized prefolds that I have been trifolding into medium-sized Proraps for months and months now: My daughter's 14 months old and 20-some pounds!

If you really want to go bigger, cheap PFs are available on the TP, too.
I've shopped around a lot for PFs & the best deal I've found is w/ a co-op I've joined. They have unbleached Indian PFs Preemie $5.95/doz, Infant $9.25/doz, Reg $12.65/doz, Premium $13.45/doz, Toddler $18.15/doz + shipping @ actual cost. Check out

Since it's a co-op though, it may not be the best option if you need new dipes asap (takes time to put a group order together, ship to coordinators, ship to individuals, etc).
have you tried contacting miracle diapers?

If you are using infant prefolds....definitely considered just folding in 3 and laying in a wrap. If you need covers, you can gets Proraps 2nd quality from I believe you have to call to ask.
SECONDS Proraps- 1-800-397-8594

here is a frugal diapering page from Miracle diapers site
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