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Negative Pregnancy Test while Breast Feeding

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ok, so I want your guys take on this. I have had two AF's since I started PP menstarting. My last one was about May 7th - that makes me 2 weeks overdue. (the previous two were perfectly spaced) dd is 10 months and still 'rampantly' Bfing. I took a first response Pregnancy test a week ago at the 'one week overdue' mark and it came up negative. I then read about getting a negative response while BFing (I hadn't heard about that before) so I took another one this morning (at the two week overdue mark) and once again negative.
Has anyone been pregnant while breastfeeding and only gotton negative responses from Pregnancy Tests?
I have more tests (Yay for the $ store) so I can keep testing, but I am just more than a little bit curious
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I haven't heard of breastfeeding having any effect on pregnancy tests, I have been breastfeeding through my last 6 pregnancies and have always had a positive test realtively early. Could you have an off cycle, as in you have a longer thatn usual cycle or perhaps you were breastfeeding more recently and you have skipped a period. I have had my period be really off while breastfeeding and perhaps that is affecting your cycle.
I am sorry that I don't have any more encouraging inforamtion, i am sure that someone else will respond soon!
From what I understand, SO many things can affect your cycle while breastfeeding... you may have a pretty regular cycles, and then a totally long/short one and that is normal. I had two regular PP AF and one extremely short AF, then next cylce I tested and got a positive test.... so I really don't think BFing prevents the test from being accurate...
BFing can make cycles really wonky! With my first DS they went to perfectly regular right away. Next time, very long and probably anovulatory for many months. And it would vary depending on how much he was nursing! So I wouldn't be too concerned - yet. I'm not familiar with BFing causing false negatives, but it could well be that your cycle is just off a bit due to your nursling!
My negative tests while breastfeeding were all accurate. I was "late" a couple times and was sure I was pg, but ended up getting AF shortly after. BFing is probably affecting your cycles, which may even still be anovulatory.
I got a +hpt at 4wks pregnant while actively nursing my 14mth old, so I'd say your cycles are just being weird. But it IS possible to get pregnant even while your little one is nursing alot.
My pp periods after #2 were wonky too - I even skipped a month! Wait a bit and see...AF might be just around the corner.
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