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NEGATIVE results when, in fact, you actually WERE pregnant?

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Hi Mamas,
Didn't know where to post this.

My period is over a week late. DH and I did the deed almost a month ago with no protection (but following the old pull-out method). I was fairly confident at the time that I wasn't ovulating, but after my period was a few days late, I bought some tests.

I've taken about 4 tests at this point and they have all been negative. But I still haven't gotten my period, either.

I am currently nursing my 10 month old and only recently did I have my first pp period. I am chalking all this up to my cycles still trying to regulate themselves. But I guess my question is: Have any of you gotten consistent negative preg test results and actually WERE pregnant?

BTW, we are not ttc, so this would be something I really would have to wrap my mind around in a BIG way.

TIA for any input.
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I actually did get a negative at the doctor's office when we were ttc with my dd. I had a faint positive on a home test and went to the dr's to confirm and they told me no! I demanded a blood test, got one, and it was positive. I had dreamed that I was pregnant and was SO sure. I kept reading that a faint positive is a positive and sure enough, it was! On a side note the nurse was really snarky with me about how "these things are like 99% accurate... try again next month..." I wanted to call her and say HAH!!
Thanks for your reply! I'm happy to know you proved them wrong!

I'm interested to see if this has happened to other mamas, too???
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I would say your body isn't regulated yet, Bearsmama.

I also got my first PPAF this time at when ds was about 9.5 months and each of the periods I have had since have come at 36 days, 38 days and 35 days. When I'm not nursing, I'm exactly every 28 days. Like total clockwork. Always.

If the only time you had unprotected sex this cycle was a month ago, then I think it would be virtually impossible to be testing negative at this point. At most, sperm can live for up to 5 days inside a woman's body. So even if you ovulated 5 days AFTER you and dh did the deed and a conception took place, you would be at least 19-20dpo by now and would have enough hcg to show on any hpt.

But, if it makes you feel any better, I'm sitting here on cd31 hoping that af finds her way to me this month.

Actually, I'm
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Oh, TLO, thanks for your response. How did I know I'd see you here???
I think we follow each other a bit around these parts.

Yes, most of me thinks exactly what you said about my cycles still regulating themselves.

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btdt when ds was about 18 mo. My period was late, so I did pregnancy tests (2 or 3) which came out negative. And about a week later my period finally did come. In fact, I think I did this during more than one cycle.
dalai_mama-Thank you
I didn't really (and don't still) think that I am prego. But the possibility was there. With both boys, I had a postive test result in seconds, so I figured I would be getting my period soon. Still no AF, though, and I'm on like day 38. I'm usually like TLO, very regular.
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yup, me top, a regular ole clock, just took a few cycles to get back there after ds, and
I still haven't seen af after dd!
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cd32 and still waiting...

We did the pull-out thing too once this cycle, Bears, when we normally use condoms.

Now you've got me scared
: .
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I got a negative hpt result when I was pg with dd #2. My older dd was 16 months old when I got pg & still nursing. Since my dh was working in a different state, I was quite certain on when we conceived. It was either right before my period started or within 2 days of it ending since that was the only time we were together. We were using a diaphram & spermicide each time, so it was quite unexpected. I was about 5-6 weeks pg before the tests started coming back positive.

I don't know if this had anything to do with it, but I wound up having low progesterine levels early in that pregnancy, which made me wonder if that was the reason why the tests were not picking it up for a bit longer. With dd #1, I got a positive result even before I had missed my period.
TLO-I think it's Christa that HAS me scared now!

Okay, maybe I'll actually have to go back to the drugstore and get a few more tests. I really, really DO think that it's just the weird thing that happens to a nursing mama after the first period returns. BUT, I have say that now I have a few questions for Christa...

Okay, Christa, was it REALLY 5 weeks until you got a positive???? Like really, really, really??????
: I *think* that I'm 4 weeks at this point.

Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh Boy.
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I'm sorry - I shouldn't have given you all my horror story & freaked you all out now! It was about 5 weeks from the time we conceived when my home pg test came back positive (don't know if that counts as 5-6 wks pg or what; its been a while since I was pg. My youngest will be 5 in Sept.). I was out visiting dh in CA at Christmas & came back to CO a day or two after new years. I know that it was early Feb. when the tests started coming back positive.

As I mentioned, though, I did have low progesterone levels with her. I actually wound up thinking that we were miscarrying around mid Feb & had to get an u/s done on 2/14 b/c I was bleeding. I remember that being on Valentine's Day very clearly. My placenta had separated from the uterine wall a bit, but it managed to correct itself & I have a nice little almost 5 y/o now.

It is certainly possible that home pg tests are more accurate now than they were 5.5 yrs ago, though. Oh, and if it helps, my first period after dd #1 came back about 9 months post partum. They were pretty messed up for a few months, but were quite regular by 16 months which is when we conceived dd #2. If you are still closer to your first postpartum period, yours certainly may still be regulating themselves.
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Christa-Please don't feel bad! I actually WANTED this kind of information. I'm not sure if it feels great to know that it does happen (yes, of course it happens, right?!), but I really did need this info.

I still feel pretty strongly that it's just the old periods regulated themselves. If there's no period by this Friday, I'll test again. By that date it will be 5 weeks since we had unprotected sex.
Seriously if you want to know, go get a beta HCG test done at your dr's office and stop wasting money on the store ones. Any OTC test can give you a false negative no matter where in your cycle you are.

We were in this same situation up until last night when AF finally arrived. We are not ttc, dh had a vasectomy almost 3 years ago. Out of the blue AF was late. It has been off since I stopped bf'ing almost 1 1/2years ago but never more than 3-4 days late. As of last night when it arrived it was 20days late. I went to my dr last week for tests. I still don't have the results because he wants all the results back before letting me know, though I know that hcg test was back the day after I had the blood drawn.

If you do test again with a hpt, use First Response Early.

With both of my boys I tested fainly (but very clearly visible) positive at 9dpo. Because I am a freak :LOL I had a beta hcg drawn the next day and with each boy, my levels were only 13. So that means the FRER was picking up levels of hcg less than 13.
Thanks, Carrie. I'll be getting the FR test next time for when I test on Friday. Like I said, i really think that I'm just late b/c of nursing and just getting my first pp AF back recently, but the possibility is there.

TLO-I think I'm on cd38 or something like that.
: (I have it written down, just not at the computer). I will let you know come Friday. I've been using the generic brand, perhaps that's the issue? Believe me, that's not to say that I WANT to test positive.
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confusion is setting in...last menstrual period started 5/2/05 and ended 5/6/05. i was experiencing symptoms similiar to that of my pregnancy last year, just before the miscarriage. i had an u/s on 5/23/05 becuz of pelvic cramping and spotting. no abnormalities to report. a blood preg test on 6/4/05 came up negative as well as several home preg tests since then. i guess i'm wondering when i actually ovulated for may and concerned that i may be preg even though the tests say otherwise. can the doc test for low progestorone levels and determine pregnancy?
Hmmm, thought I posted this morning on this thread, but maybe I didn't click submit. Duh.

Anyway, cd 34 and still no af. This morning it felt like I was going to start my period any second, but this evening it doesn't feel that way.

My best friend is coming over to visit on Thursday and if I haven't started by then, I think I will test, just for peace of mind. I really really really don't think I am, but I'd like to know for sure.

Bears, any news for you?
mlynn-Thanks for your reply. I'm sorry to hear of your m/c. And yes, I think a doc can definitively test for both low prog. & pg.

Ah, TLO- No news here. I could say exactly what you say below-I *really* don't think that I am pg., but I *really* want to know for sure. And although I can keep saying, "Oh, it's just my AF getting back to normal", and "Oh, it would be long shot if I was ovulating at the time", etc., etc, etc., IT IS STILL A POSSIBILITY, of course, and I just want to know for sure. TLO-I think I'll test Friday am if there's no AF by then. I am cd39 today, I believe.

I am having pre-menstrual symptoms: low cramping, and some heaviness, and occasional tender breasts. Hmmmmmm? Please keep me posted this week, too, TLO
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FWIW, now I remember that I had this happen with dd this fall too (my memory is so shot these days). I have had ONE period, in November, and no more (???) Not that I mind, but I was fully expecting af to return fairly regularly as she did after ds, but nope. I did test negative and went on my merry way.
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