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Since this is a new patent pending product I'll give a brief description:<br><br><i><span style="color:#0000FF;">Finally, a naked time solution is here! Nekkie Blankie™ helps keep babies and homes dry. By utilizing an upper layer of unique quick wicking, fast drying fabric, and a lower layer of waterproof fabric, Nekkie Blankie™ is able to minimize wetness by locking moisture into an insert layer.</span></i><br><br>
Great uses for Nekkie Blankie™ include:
<ul><li>Nekkie Time!!!</li>
<li>Changing pad</li>
<li>Nursing mamas to sleep on</li>
<li>Leaky night diapers</li>
<li>Elimination Communication night time pad - no more felted wool in pillow cases!</li>
<li>Potty training night pad</li>
<li>After bath wrap</li>
<li>Nursing nekkie</li>
<li>Postpartum pad</li>
<li>Homebirthing pad</li>
Coupon valid through June 15 for MDC members MDCNB will give you 10% off!!! Now is a perfect time to get your Nekkie Blankie™.
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