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nervous about interview-update

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I have an interview tomorrow for a job (just a cashiering job i think) and i'm really nervous about it. I'm not sure what to wear, makeup or no, what to say. do i just pretend like i'm not pregnant and not mention it or anything? I'm 6m but i look smaller like 4.5-5m.

help calm a mama down please!!
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The obvious: Wear clean clothes without holes. Avoid shirts with slogans or logos. Its generally a good idea to dress a little nicer than you would actually dress on the job. An interviewer will really only notice your clothes if they are not neat or are especially flamboyant.

Pants or skirt and a blouse or sweater would probably be appropriate. Even just a button up shirt and khakis can look very pulled together. I always go for pants because I despise pantyhose and want to avoid the issue of wearing or going with a bare leg.

I vote for simple makeup. I'm 31 but I look about 17 without makeup so I always wear it in a professional setting. For me simple would be light foundation, mascara, and a small amount of eyeliner or eyeshadow (I have white lashes so that is why I take that approach).

Relax. Interviewing is stressful, but I swear most interviewers want to be nice.
I agree with Pumpkin.

Also, I don't know what other mamas would say, but I wouldn't mention being pg. Wait till you get the job...they can't fire you for being pg, but they can NOT hire you. Maybe that's deceptive, but it's what I would do!

I'll be crossing my fingers for you!

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Originally Posted by Petersmamma
I agree with Pumpkin.

Also, I don't know what other mamas would say, but I wouldn't mention being pg. Wait till you get the job...they can't fire you for being pg, but they can NOT hire you. Maybe that's deceptive, but it's what I would do!

I'll be crossing my fingers for you!

the issue wiht the pregnancy is that i'm 26wks along. I am obviously VERY pregnant. but i dont think it should have an issue in the interview kwim. if they want to talk about it after i'm hired thats fine...

make up for me is powder, a bit of eyeliner, and mascara. i'm just NOT big on make up lol.

thank you so much for the advice i'm starting to calm down a lil bit. i'm way too high strung lol if i were a dog i'd be a chihuahua!
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The thing about being pregnant at an interview (from someone who interviewed for several jobs in her third trimester) is to actually be up front about it. Tell them your plans. Your plan is to work until.... You need to have time off for... (medical appointments, etc.) You will need leave that is so many weeks/months (or you won't come back). When you come back (if you do) you will need... (for breastfeeding, pumping, bringing child to work, etc.). Both the employer and the employee go into the situation, then, knowing what is expected of the other. It will be miserable to work in a job, even for a short time, if you are worrying about all the things you need and whether or not you get them. Interviews are not only the chance for the employer to evaluate you, but vice versa- and this is true whether you are applying to work at McDonalds or to be an executive of a fortune 500 company.

Have confidence. I have been on many interview panels. Those doing the interviewing are just as nervous about filling the position with a good and reliable employee as you are about getting a job. If you go in knowing that you are the best person for the job, they will know it too.
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ITA with PP. Be self-assured and upfront about everything.

Where are you interviewing at? I'm familiar, directly or indirectly, with way too many corps in Lincoln, and may be able to give you an idea of how that company reacts to families...
its shopko.

Ideally i'd like to go back to work at 8-10wks pp and have time for pumping. i'm not sure if they would be up for that or not.
Well, I've never heard anything bad about them...

Check out their dependent care program (it would be a good ?? for the interview, showing interest in and research of company policy).

What they have "officially" on their website says that they support families, but not excessively (this is what I do all day, so I'm used to reading between the lines). So, I'd be upfront and say "I need this or that..." They'll tell you what they can work with and what not. And, remember, a good impression will go a long way to them "holding" your job for you.
How did the interview go?
it didn't go as bad as I had feared. it was actually pretty good.
I didn't do a great job but i'm not embarrassed thinking back on it. they might hire me and they might not. if nothing else it was definately a new experience and one I have learned from.
thank you for your help

oh yeah they didn't notice my belly (the shirt i wore actually HID it!) and I didn't know how to bring it up. I'm hoping they will want to do a second interview with me. I have learned a lot and i've got a lot of things I want to ask them and tell them now that i'm not in the *hot seat*! ah well. such is life. if nothing else i will be more prepared for my next interview.
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I totally understand not being sure how to bring it up. Have you practiced in case they call you in for a second? I'm not surprised they didn't notice - I felt HUGE when I was as far along as you are with my ds, but when I announced it at work (I'd told my immediate boss early on, but no one else) people were shocked!

I hope you hear soon - I think the waiting to hear back is the worst! Like you said, if nothing else, it is good experience!
thank you Tracey
this is so hard for me. how long should i wait before calling and asking them what's going on. i have heard a week and i have also heard 2-3 days...

I think if i haven't heard from them by wednesday i'm going to call them.

I wanted to buy some *nice* maternity clothes but stbx threw a fit about me spending *his* tax money on stuff for myself and not for Caleb. actually what he threw a fit about was me not giving him every cent but same difference
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Sorry you're having a tough time with stbx
Sometimes people list cute maternity stuff on the trading post for pretty cheap. Have you tried just asking around friends/family IRL, too? I have lent my maternity clothes around quite a sense in just letting them rot between babies
You could also try Freecycle - it doesn't hurt to ask!

Regarding when to call - did you send a thank you note to whoever you interviewed with? If not, write and send one ASAP!!! I think it is fine to call in a few days...saying that you are just following up to see if they have any questions that you can help them with, and letting them know that you are still very interested in the position. You can also ask how soon they are planning to make a hiring decision - then you can time your next follow up call based on that
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nope none of my family members have nice maternity clothes. its all shorts/pants and tshirts.

thank you for the advice!
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