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nervous mama-update

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the good thing is that I got a call for an interview!! the bad thing is...I've never in my entire life had to go to an interview!

I have no idea what to wear or do or say or anything. do i just pretend like i'm not pregnant or what? oh no the more i think about it the more freaked out i get. why can't it just be thursday when i dont have to worry about it cuz it'll be over?!
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Dress nice, better to over dress than not to. try and relax as much as you can....don't know about the pregnant thing. I like honesty, but I've heard of some discrimination....hard one there.
i obviously look pregnant so i'm not going to be able to get away with them thinking i'm not. but i honestly dont think it has much to do with the interview. I think i put temporary so they know i'm not planning on staying with them for very long if they hire me.
I agree that it's better to dress up than down.

Be yourself and see how it goes.

Relax. It's just two people sitting down together.

Good luck.
Body language is important - make eye contact, be responsive, posture that conveys confidence, etc. Try to think of a couple good questions to ask about the company or position that aren't covered in the general conversation. Good luck!
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Good luck at your interview mama! Think of some things to say about yourself, and questions to ask them before you go to the interview. I've had good luck at interviews when I talk a lot about my skills and what I have to offer. Companies like to hear that you are a team player and that you are punctual, etc. I would not bring up the pregnancy, but if they ask you about it then be honest. The main concern is probably that you will need to take a lot of time off because you are pregnant, so be honest with them about your needs. Good luck and let us know how it goes!
hello everyone it went okay I couldnt' think of any questions to ask them
but they didn't even seem to notice i'm pregnant. the shirt I was wearing did kind of just make me look fat.

they might hire me and they might not.
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