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Im not doing ANYTHING.
Our house is soooo disorganized.
We are moving in 11 days and I'm kind of a chaotic packer...I love to leave things until the last minute and then rush around. Stupid, I know. I just can't convince myself to do it.
Our house is fairly clean, I'm not tackling any big things right now because I know that in 11 days I'm just going to have to re-do anything I do now, and it will have to be hard-core clean.
I'm looking forward to moving into a CLEAN, NEW apartment with lots of SUNLIGHT and no tv/internet! Well. No, I really like our internet! And we might cave in and get local cable. (We haven't had television in over a year) But distractions = organization!
Oh gosh. 11 days could not come sooner.
(And then as I think that, I look around me and see our house. HAH. I should start packing...hehehe)
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