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Netherlands MDC get-together?

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I think the Germany folks get together every summer, but anyone interested in a Netherlands MDC get-together? Maybe late this spring or early this summer? Maybe even do the Dutch thing and head to a bungalow park, complete with our kids on our bikes? The tulips are out, it's getting all the way up to 11 degrees, and I'm feeling inspired!

- Katie
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I'm in.
I'll be moving to Belgium (from the US) May 1st, but I would love to join!
Hi Sarah and Gabry (and anyone else who wants to join),

I looked into sites, and I found several organic farms that have both camping and either bungalows or a B&B. I figured that way, each family can either camp or be a bit more pampered. I hope there's something for every budget.

Most of the spots are in the south--that seems to be where the best places for this are (plus, it's closer for Gabry). Most of them have lots of kid activities, and some of them are on the water. I'll try to summarize them a bit below.

As far as dates, I was thinking either June 9-11 or June 16-18. Do either of those work for you guys? I'm not sure when school gets out, but I assume not until the end of June or beginning of July--things will get super busy and expensive then, so we might want to try to avoid it.

So, can you take a look at these, let me know which ones sound the best, and then let me know what dates work? And then I'll give some places a call.

I think this is going to be fun!!


Ok, here are the spots:

- Landschapscamping Kijkuit: In Zeeland, near the ocean, 2 self-catering apartments plus tons of room for camping.

- D'n Bobbel: In Noord-Brabant, super-cheap camping or you can rent these funky wagons (you have to check out the pictures!) Lots of kid activities and animals.

- De Hoevens: In Noord-Brabant, looks from the website like an incredibly beautiful farm, swimming and fishing nearby. 2 self-catering apartments, lots of camping, tipis, fiets huts.

- Landgoed Geijsteren: In Limburg, lots of camping, fiets huts, 1 bungalow. Another gorgeous farm, on the water, but not as much kid stuff (no playgrounds, not clear if there's a little farm for kids).

- De Pionier: In Limburg, has B&B, 2 self-catering apartments, or camping, looks from the website like it has more of a suburban feel.

- De Boterbloem: In Utrecht province, has B&B and camping. Looks from the website like less nature, more amusement park feel.
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Sounds like fun, but we are likely to be out of town on those dates. We haven't set a firm itinerary yet, but we suspect that we won't be back in town until late June.

Hmm, I'll find out when the school holidays are, and then maybe we can find a weekend in July that will work for everyone. And the weather HAS to be good by then.
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I think we might be able to join in either June or July, but I'm in the middle of the chaos of an overseas move right now, so will have to review your links on a later date. Thanks for doing all that research already!
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How about the weekend of July 21-23? And hopefully Gabry will be able to join us. If that weekend sounds good to you, I'll check to see which places are available. And we should probably email the others too. Have a great time on your trip by the way! We're in California for 2 weeks, and we saw two Ergo-wearing mamas at the farmers market yesterday--I got so excited!!

As of right now, that sounds good. I just got called in for inburgering, though, so whatever class schedule they give me will determine our vacation schedule for the summer, so I won't be positive that we'll be in town on those dates until after my inburgering intake interview, which is May 29th. I'll give you an update then.

Have a great time in California!
Yeah, I think that might work. I'll be highly pregnant then, but if all is going well it shouldn't matter, although I think I might opt for a cabin type thing rather than the real deal camping

I'm assuming this will be a family thing, right, dh/dp's included?
Katie, enjoy California!
Sarah, good luck with the inburgering stuff. I hear a lot of Dutch are unable to complete the test, which makes it seem ridiculous, but I'm sure the course will prepare you for it plenty..
We're starting to settle down in Belgium, although our stuff still hasn't arrived. I'm actually starting to appreciate the minimalist life and dread having a house full of stuff again. Oh well, ds will be delighted to see his toys back

Hopefully til soon!
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Hey I'd like this too! Late July or early August would work best for us. We're in the east of the NL, also a nice area. My dh can tell you all about the inburgering,he's just about done

And for youze Americans, NEVER EVER trust the weather. Really. We need to set it up so it'll also be fun without good weather. Because, like, dh is from Seattle and he now believes that Seattle has a mighty fine climate.
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