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Never ending af?

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I hope someone can help me out. I have had a very long period for the last few months. First it was 10 days, then 12, then 14, now I am on day 18 and still bleeding. I went on the pill this month to hopefully shorten the length of my period...unfortunately that didnt work, as a matter of fact it seems to be worse. I am on lamictal for seizures, but have been told that that shouldn't effect my cycle. Previously I was on dilantin and my cycle was also all screwy. I had pain in my lower right abdomen, aroung where my right ovary would be for a few days, and then one night it got pretty bad. I went to the ER in the morning, and they didn't find anything, and the pain stopped soon after I actually got in a room and before I was seen!
No ultrasound was taken. They did do a internal exam and found nothing unusual. My last pap, about a week or two before my last period came back normal.

So any ideas as to what is going on? I'm wondering about fibroids or ovarian cysts. Anyone have any experience with these?
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The fibroids I have weren't felt on exam but were all over the ultrasound. And the pain could be a cyst rupturing. But I'm biased b/c with my answer because I just found out I have those problems.
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THe more I've been reading, the more I think you are right. Fibroids seem to fit the bill. I'll know more on Thurday when they do the ultrasound. The midwife will meet with me immediately afterwards so I don't have to wait. I just keep having these terrible thoughts of cancer and such at night! I'm sure it's not that, and I feel fine besides the bleeding, but something about nighttime gets my head
: !

Did they do anything for your fibroids?
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Another thought would be to have your thyroid checked. Both myself and my sister had ongoing bleeding that was heavy and seemed to be with us more than it wasn't and in both cases it was our thyroid. We went on synthroid and there are no current issues with the bleeding any longer.

Just a thought if the fibroids don't pan out.
I will definately look into that if the fibroids don't pan out. I had been charting for awhile and my morning temps were always very low, around 96.5 or so. So that could definatley be an issue. Thank you .
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