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Any ideas?

The past day or so my toddler's normal chubby belly looks a bit more rounded or perhaps swollen and she has been really clingy and whiney and asking one of us to 'take a nap' with her. She wants us to lie down on the couch with her and watch a movie. She never wants to sit still and I can tell she is in real pain and is grabbing her belly right in the middle sorta under her belly button. She doesn't want to eat and she has a fever of 102 checked with her ear so I think that means it can be a bit higher. I have given her nothing but fluids and rest so far.

I thought she might have been a bit constipated but she did have a bowel movement today and yesterday and the fever makes me think it's something else. She recently potty trained and I think she is holding back some of her stools so I'm wondering if she has a partial blockage?? Her stools are greenish and sorta in between formed and not.

ETA: we saw the ped today, her belly is backed up, she has been holding back poops. After a glycerin suppository and her going she is fine. Belly's not swollen and the fever disappeared. I got her to eat a little also.
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