A study published this October by the American Academy of Pediatrics warns moms-to-be that no kind of alcohol - beer, wine, or liquor - is safe during any stage of pregnancy. The full study can be found in Pediatrics, the AAP's publishing journal.
Prenatal alcohol exposure is a frequent cause of structural or functional effects on the brain, heart, bones and spine, kidneys, vision and hearing. It's associated with a higher incidence of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and specific learning disabilities such as difficulties with mathematics and language, visual-spatial functioning, impaired impulse control, information processing, memory skills, problem solving, abstract reasoning and auditory comprehension. - See more
With a significant number of pregnant women admit to drinking while pregnant, and with science having gone back and forth on this issue over the recent decades, I'm sure there is an automatic hesitation to believe the urgency this report tries to convey, at least there was for me. However, not drinking alcohol isn't the worst of the pregnancy woes, and if I can avoid feta and deli meat for nine months, I can skip delicious wine too.

What do you think? Worth not taking the risk? Or is it killing a fly with a hammer?