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New also

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Hi all,

A friend of mine who is also due in Nov told me I should come by and check out the ddc. We are having our fourth baby. I am freaking out just a bit, our other kiddos are 7, 5, and 1 1/2. Just wondering where i will find the time. We homeschool too.

Nice to be here!
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Welcome momma... we're glad to have you here.
Congrats and Welcome!!
I want to homeschool too...but I"m so tired now, I 'm not sure when/where I'd find the time with a new little dd is only 3.5 yrs I guess I have SOME time!
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I'm new, that is - it's my second pregnancy but will hopefully be my first baby. You're going to be a busy bee - probably are already! But so nice to have a big family!!!
Congrats and welcome! Glad you found us.

I'm pg with my fourth as well, and homeschooling too! There's a great homeschooling section here.
Thanks all for the replies, have been forgetting to check my mothering boards! Oops! Fun group here, not enough time to read all the posts! I have already been accused of spending too much time on the computer!

As for the homeschooling nad not having enough time or being too tired, well welcome to my world! I am happy if we "do" school 2-3 days a week, and that is only 1-2 hours at that!
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Oh and Brisen, I beat your nursing record at least longevity wise if not duration. Does that makes sense? maybe not

I have been nursing since January 1999. Had a little break while I was pregnant with # 3. # 2 stopped sometime in early pregnancy so only a few months break
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Yup, makes sense. Way to go!
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